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  1. I agree especially the Live version from the BBC recording killer version it's a shame they rarely played the song Live
  2. Jimmy Did that while they were recording the Song Remains The Same Madison Square Garden Show so it's not 1975 it was 1973
  3. Tangerine Has to be the Best Guitar solo ever and this is coming from a drummer listen to it it's amzing and Led Zep should have played it more Live
  4. I would buy it like I have bought several poor quality bootlegs I don't care a Live version of Ramble On is owed to the fans I demand it!!!!!!!!
  5. Please don't say it's so!!!!! I was just thinking that they will probably release the show as a DVD because it's been long waiting for them to return the Mothership high in the air once again & for them to play Ramble On Live is a rare thing I have tons of boots some good quality and poor but I don't think they had played Ramble On much if any at all. Damn the sound guy should be shot LOL just kidding but if that is true what a shame.
  6. Lucky I have a boot from that era and it was a shame too because the show I have is the last one before Bonzo's untimely passing what a shame because I think Zep could have outlasted the stones and still break records.
  7. I want to so badly to see Zep Live but I have seen Robert Plant Twice 1st was the Manic Nirvana Tour Sept? I have to check the ticket but Wow what a show at the very moment that the band started to play "Going To California" the crowd just stood on the back of the bleacher floor seats and stayed there for just about the entire song with lighters flowing it was amazing and the second time was the Strange Sensation It was amzing too but just not the same level of intesity in the crowd but it was due to the very small crowd but I think the ticket price was the problem with the low turn out but half the set was all my fav Zep tunes. I pray that they decide to tour again and who knows release some new material?
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