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  1. Thanks for your input Zepster1979. Very much appreciated. I wish EV would've made this set a bit more affordable. I guess the seller or sellers of these soundboards sell their audio for sky high prices to EV label. And in return EV must sell at high prices to make their money back since silver collectors have dropped in recent years. I'll wait til I see a full download sometime in the future and decide then if a silver purchase is warranted for these audience versions. Or wait til EV releases a 2nd edition set available at a more affordable price like they always do. Again, Thank you.
  2. Bootledz website doesn't think there is any upgrades to these audience sources and is selling his set like he always does when there is no improvement. Any comments on this from the posters who have commented that these are huge upgrades?? I'm a silver collector too and have been holding back on getting this set because of the price. Is it really a huge upgrade? Bootledz has always had my respect for his work on getting all new boots and comparing. Thank you.
  3. i would love get a link as well. very powerful sound on this.
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