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  1. Thats why I was asking you to consider his singing "apart" from the Virtual Zeppelin stuff. Listen to this: Its one of his original tunes with his own vibe/feel in it. It sounds fantastic! I would LOVE to hear what this guy could do with the boys. And in the end, doesnt it come down to making great music? I think this guy would make GREAT music with them.
  2. Lets analyze this without the context of James being a "Robert Plant Imitator" for a second. 1) The man can clearly sing with emotion and great feel 2) He has an incredible range 3) I am sure being human he has his "own" style and not everything he does sounds exactly like Robert Plant. 4) He can play guitar In that context why wouldnt he be a good candidate?
  3. Oh I know many people have voiced their opinion against a Robert Imitator, but this guy is so close. I would love to hear what he does with new material from the guys. The guy is so so good I cant help wanting to hear that. Sorry but its my opinion and I am sticking with it! I would love to add that guy to my roster of musicians. I already messaged him. I am a huge fan now! I gotta put him in a band!
  4. I gotta go for the guy from Virtual Zep. That guy is so close to Robert that if you closed your eyes you wouldnt be able to tell the difference. I would love to see what he could do with original material from the boys. It boggles the mind!
  5. Nope we wont. Have you been reading this thread?
  6. Myles is not only a phenomenal singer, but a really nice person to boot. I have met him on a number of occasions and cant say enough good things about him. Its definitely not him though he has been touring and is very focused on Alter Bridge.
  7. Hello Fellow Sheepdog! Thank you for serving! Anyway, take a look at this performance!!! This chick ROCKS!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlsEjf0YlAo&NR=1
  8. I was the guy with the Bowler hat! No I did not throw it on stage, and in fact I still have it! Its sort of my trademark that I wear whenever I go to shows.
  9. Led Zepagain played there at the opening of that ride at the request of Robert and Jimmy!
  10. I think this band has that special something: http://www.theanswer.ie
  11. Yes please! I am still hoping for him to make direct contact with you. I know its not supposed to happen but I hope and dream that it will happen.
  12. What a great unfolding of a project of love! Jimmy will NEVER forget that book, I promise you that. I'll bet he has already spent a great deal of time reading through it! GOOD JOB!!!
  13. Any word yet? Enquiring minds want to know!
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