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  1. I am really delighted for Jason. Finally something to get his teeth into. New band, new music...collaborating with 2 superb musicians. Fantastic! I was beginning to think he would spend the rest of his days backing Slash and playing Whole Lotta Love. I cannot wait to hear what they have to offer
  2. Get #1 sorted and 2&3 will naturally follow Good luck!
  3. I don't think they were even that. But, as I said, that is just my opinion.
  4. Robert's voice is ever evolving. It's obvious that he would never have the same vocal range throughout his life, and as someone mentioned, the vocal chord op would of made a difference. Imo, I think he has faired a lot better vocal wise than some of his contemporaries..ie, Ian Gillan.
  5. I'd be back in '76 persuading myself not to cut off my lovely long wavy hair into a "short on the top, shoulder length" do that did suit my BROTHER.....but not a nine year old girl. What was I(and my mother!)thinking??!! To make matters worse, we had our school photo took the same week so I have it preserved for all eternity And before anyone asks... no, I am not posting it here!!
  6. From curly to straight... ....and back again! I swing both ways don't ya know
  7. Two, actually... Fool In The Rain & All My Love
  8. MHD

    Jason Bonham tour?

    He quit August '08
  9. Thinking of Pat, Jason and Zoe today. In memoriam...one of my favourite Bonzo beats LZ - In My Time of Dying
  10. MHD

    Jason Bonham tour?

    Hey thanks Dan.. and Ally... I had a bit of a break, but you should see me popping up every now and then from here on
  11. Yep, count me in on the appreciation. Loved her in Only You with Robert Downey Jr and saw her recently in The Wrestler.. she was utterly fantastic.
  12. I love Icarus... but not the rest of it. Sorry. Don't shoot me, nothing personal
  13. What I was thinking Swede. And I am really surprised that D'yer Maker made an appearance
  14. And the Ozzy/Bonham connection continues.... Jason played alongside Ozzy (billed as Slash & Friends) at this year's Quart Festival in Norway Ozzy with Slash & Jason - I Don't Know
  15. I kinda knew you were going to say that, Sam. Can I ask have the band viewed the footage, or was it canned and put under lock and key straight after the gig? And yes Ev, just to see Kashmir in HD...
  16. MHD

    Birthday Wishes for Jason

    He's referred to as JB or Jase, but not a nickname as such.
  17. Wishing Jason a very... Jason doing Zep
  18. MHD

    Robert Plant awarded CBE

    Thanks for these glicine. What a really lovely family shot, Robert has a truly beautiful brood
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