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  1. The perfect antidote *MissHD now blissful* Thank you
  2. I want one!!! Although I cannot figure out what the doodle is on the bottoms? Thought at first it was the SwanSong logo... but it ain't. Who's to bet that the girl wearing it doesn't have a clue who LZ are
  3. That was sheer torture. Bloody awful.
  4. Nine is the nicest "phony" I know
  5. I am just so disappointed that Bad Co aren't doing any UK gigs Unless, someone knows any different!
  6. Yeah, that was pretty awesome. Guitar dude did a grand job I'm like nine, like her voice but not so much the material. That "party started" song drives me nuts! I'd love to hear her belt out some great rock tunes
  7. Nice post BonZep. Welcome. Critisizing Robert is a favourite past time of some of the members here, believe it or not
  8. Not to my knowledge, Wolfman. Nine and Aqua: I have always championed Jason as a singer (as you may have noticed ). My YouTube vid of him singing TBOE with Deborah has now notched up over 8,400 hits and many have commented on Jason's great voice (and Deb's too!) C'mon J, more singing please
  9. Jason played Trampled Underfoot during the soundcheck at Knebworth. It was pre-arranged between John and Jason that he would take the stool for that song. He was 13 at the time
  10. Love early Queen 73-79, not at all keen on '80 onwards. The odd track maybe.
  11. MHD


    Let's see what Hull City can do at Villa Not a lot me thinks We need some
  12. Nice pics but looks like it's a Page & Plant gig No Jonesy or Jason!!
  13. I saw Deborah Bonham again on Saturday evening, and was delighted that Robbie Blunt was playing with her again. Here's a link to a vid I shot of them doing Big Log... Deborah Bonham with Robbie Blunt/Big Log And here is me with Robbie after the show!
  14. You got me on that one. Never heard of English muffin pizzas. English muffins are delish though...toasted with honey
  15. Especially for you Ronniedawg!
  16. Ewww, I hate anchovies on pizza Make mine a Domino's Special! I bought a gorgeous necklace today, that made me happy
  17. Excellent! And thanks Sam for posting the Boston article
  18. Why am I not surprised by this post?? It's a great photo. Robert looks fabulously happy
  19. Don't knock it too much, knebs...satin pillowcases are excellent for not ruining your curls overnight! footnote: seems spelling is not BonzoLikeDrumer's forte
  20. Oops! Sorry Glicine. I did a quick scan and couldn't see any postings about it, so went ahead.
  21. It's been announced that Jason Bonham will join up with former Airrace bandmates Laurie Mansworth and Keith Murrell to perform some renunion gigs in the UK. Jason has been confirmed to appear at Airrace's support slot on Thunder's dates at Sheffield and Cambridge in July. Article Here I'm off to Sheffield!!!!
  22. I really like it. Not one of my top favourites, but nothing against it. I simply love the whole of Presence. As a footnote, it's probably been mentioned somewhere on here before, but CSR was done in the O2 rehearsals but obviously never made the final cut.
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