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  1. MHD

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Aquamarine!! your desktop shot is divine...mmmmm, those legs..pant, pant Carrots and I will be having a girly fight to see who can run their fingers through Roberts luscious locks first!
  2. Wow, great news! Gotta be there
  3. Newton Faulkner does a grand job of Massive Attacks "Teardrop".
  4. I really loved Def Leppard in the eighties..I saw them at Donnington, cued up at the record store on the day of release of Hysteria, danced on a bar table to Animal...but, although I look back with affection, they seem a tad dated to me now..they don't arise the same passion in me at 40 as they did when I was 20. I'm a big fan of Whitesnake (mmmm..must add to profile likes ) I'll forgive them for 1987.
  5. The Rain Song...it has special meaning. And for the line "speak to me only with your eyes.."
  6. Hi David A Les Paul has nothing on that little number
  7. Although I have been a life long fan of Zep, I have never wandered into the convention territory. Do these happen? Has anyone here ever attended one?
  8. MHD

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Carrots, what are your trying to do to me!?!?
  9. That's a fantastic "Then and Now" Becky...you do look ruthless with those knitting needles
  10. You have beautiful hair Diana-Loura
  11. MHD

    Four Sticks

    After viewing Unledded again last night, I realised that I don't recall Four Sticks ever being included in a Zeppelin set. I'm not a connoisseur on the live stuff so maybe someone can enlighten me?
  12. MHD

    Linda Perry

    Linda, along with Ann Wilson, are two of my favourite female rock vocalists. I remember first hearing What's Up and being completely bowled over.
  13. Thought they did a good cover of Purple's Hush...but that's about it for me I'm afraid.
  14. The photos of your little boy are lovely..what a proud daddy you are :-)

  15. MHD

    This ROCKS!

    Rob Halford looked liked he'd just got back from a Beastie Boys gig
  16. I'm nothing without my morning cuppa..usually drank browsing the forum It has to be strong..just a dash of milk. I drink it even more now as I've limited myself to 1 cup of coffee a day...what excessive coffee does to the body is scary.
  17. MHD

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Ohhhhh yeahhhh Me like
  18. Thanks for your kind comment.

  19. That was tough. I voted WIAWSNB, as it was the first track on II that I repeat played 2-3 times before moving on If I had to name a least fave it would be Livin' Lovin' Maid.
  20. Ditto. Honorary mention also for Live...In The Heart Of The City and Slide It In. Great band...until 1987 (although I do have a soft spot for In The Still Of The Night). The vid for Is This Love? makes me cringe.
  21. MHD

    Hot Pics of Robert

    I like this one Sunray ...thanks for posting
  22. I was listening to III earlier and it got me thinking, is the outro to Gallows Pole the only time we hear Jimmy play banjo on a Zep song?
  23. MHD

    Wishbone Ash

    Looks like I'll be making a swift purchase...thanks
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