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  1. My ex-husband used to have this in his vinyl collection and it used to totally freak me out...
  2. MHD

    Let's Play God!

    1. We'd all be born with hindsight 2. All females would never have bad hair days
  3. A remastered Argus has just been released...shall I make a purchase? Heard snippets on itunes and like what I hear but wondering if it lives up to the hype.
  4. Use something like http://www.imageshack.us/. You got to host your image first to provide the link for viewing.
  5. MHD

    Beautiful Men.

    I've always had a thing for Jeff Bridges..he's a fine looking guy and a great actor. Starman makes me melt and The Big Lebowski is out there on its own.
  6. Oh..and I am rockin out to Roundabout (Live) - Yes
  7. Take 2 mins out and take in one of my favourite acoustic Tull songs..Dun Ringill. Beautiful song about a very stunning, scenic place on the Isle of Skye off the coast of Western Scotland.
  8. Did anyone you see the little bit before the interview started when Robert was stood next to an oscillator fan for some air and quipped "This is my only fan" after Phil had stated 20 million fans had tried to register for the O2
  9. MHD


    He's on This Morning,itv, about 12pm
  10. Just viewed it via Yahoo as the VH1 link was down..and, wow, Robert oozed sexiness. Yummy, yummy. I can't believe I haven't seen it before. Wasn't too keen on the woman draped all over him though meh
  11. I can't find it on You Tube, just the soundtrack with a montage of photos (not Robert) which is unusual...does a video exist?
  12. MHD

    Robert and Maureen?

    Robert prefers blue-eyed merles ! As for women, he likes brown eyed girls with long, black hair
  13. Ooooo..thank you for posting! I will be watching
  14. Vanilla Fudge have been cited as an influence. Ironically, they have just issued a Led Zep tribute album!
  15. Fantastic photos, as usual Steve...I really love that Robert one
  16. If you've seen my profile, you will know Jethro Tull are one my essential listens...may I add to MadScreamingGallerys' recommendations, Heavy Horses (1978)..it was this album that really got me into Tull courtesy of my brother. I have seen them live twice..the last time was The Grand Opera House at York, England last March..Fantastic, intimate show, had a very talented violinist playing with them called Anna Phoebe from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  17. Too funny...oh, how I love the internet.
  18. MHD

    Article in The Sun today

    On the same link, I noticed a really sweet picture of Jason...click on it to enlarge
  19. MHD

    What is sth?

    My thoughts too Scarlett
  20. We are all familiar with the begging and pleading video that Jack Black did to persuade LZ to let him use Immigrant Song in School Of Rock...well, I was watching BBC1 tonight and a trailer for their forthcoming new dramas came on with Misty Mountain Hop playing away in the background! Is it a different procedure to apply for songs to be used in movies? Or is it that Zep are more "relaxed" now about how and where their music is being used...I really can't imagine the head honcho at the BBC on his knees Btw, it was definitely the Real McCoy.
  21. No One Here Gets Out Alive - Danny Sugerman (about Jim Morrison and The Doors in case you didn't know).
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