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  1. :yesnod: As soon as I saw him on Saturday, my "hot man alert" sensor was activated! Very talented guy.
  2. A long shot, but was it this? Whole Lotta Love ~ CCS
  3. I had a quick scan through the thread and I thought I had posted mine, but I can't see it .. must of been another thread. Anyway, here is mine.. on me
  4. What glicine said... and don't forget Jason!! He looked lush
  5. Another great clip of this performance has been posted on YouTube
  6. Aqua and Nine! O'er the North Sea...heading for the fjords!
  7. Jason Bonham will join Slash, Ozzy and Ronnie Wood at this year's Quart Festival in Oslo, Norway on 30th June. I would LOVE to be there! Link
  8. Speaking as a Jason fan, I do have to say that Dennis Elliott was pretty cool
  9. Robert loves football, I don't know whether he still plays but he is still an ardent fan of Wolves FC. Here's an article from the Sunday Mercury where Robert says how his devotion nearly ruined his marriage! Article He is also a regular tennis player, as stated in a previous post. John is famously known as saying "football is a load of bollocks" His passion was motorcross. He was a huge spectator fan of the sport, which is how Jason got involved and was highly successful at it(coming second one year in the British Championship as a junior).
  10. This month's Classic Rock features the top singers in rock. Robert has made #3 (#2 Paul Rodgers, #1 Freddie Mercury). Here is the write-up. ROBERT PLANT ~ 'The quintessential 'Black Country Hippy' has successfully employed numerous vocal guises' "His voice is picturesque. It sounds so new and so old at the same time. With this crazy European mystery to it." ~ Alison Krauss Robert Plant has changed his musical stripes so many times over the course of his 40 year career ~ from wannabe psychedelic troubadour in Band Of Joy; to cock-rocking golden god in Led Zeppelin; to clipped-hair-and-vocals post-new wave solo artist in the 80s; to world-music championing, Page-partnering musical maverick in the 90s; up to his present incarnation as Americana-crooning rock survivor with Alison Krauss, to name just the best known of his many guises. As a result, it is sometimes overlooked just how stupendously great he is as, well, just a singer. Whatever the cut of the jib he is currently employing, however, one thing you can always be sure about with Percy is that he will always be reasy to, in his own words, 'give it some welly' whenever he steps up to the mic. Another remarkable trait is that, unlikehis contemporaries, few of Plant's earliest influences ~ from Elvis to Johnny Ray, to Howlin'Wolf and Robert Johnson ~ can be easily detected in his voice. Indeed, if one wanted to pinpoint the source of that lion's roar he emitted during his best days in Zeppelinthe name's Joe Cocker, Stevie Winwoodand Rod Stewart would surely spring more readily to mind. Ask Plant, though, and he'll just as likely tell you it was all down to an over-fondness for Love's Arthur Lee or Skip James from Moby Grape. None of which ultimately matters. Not when your voice is as readily recognisable as Plant's. Some say he is singing better than ever these days in his career reviving role with Krauss. For most, though, his earliest years in Zeppelin ~ often singing barefoot on the stage, the quintessential "Black Country hippy" as he puts it now ~ will never be bettered. One story has it that he broke down and cried the first time he saw the 2003 DVD footage of himself singing at the Albert Hall with Zep in '69, so moved was he be the realisation that he would never sound quite so good again. But then, who has sounded anywhere near as good as that since then? *Greatest vocal: Stairway To Heaven from LZ IV (1971). All the key components of Plant's vast vocal range are contained herein, from kaftan'ed crooner to bare-chested rock lothario and mystic meglomaniac.
  11. That's right Reid. John couldn't play any other instrument or, to my knowledge, couldn't read or write music... if he had a melody or any idea, he would simply sing it. Of course, Out On The Tiles is the best known example of this
  12. MHD


    Great to hear from you Charlie, may your recovery from the surgery continue to go well Jahfin, so sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you.
  13. Ahhh, Jeanne Triplehorn. Obviously, Barb's her character name! I don't think we get Big Love here in the UK, unless it's buried somehwere on a satellite channel.
  14. Thanks one and all for the nice comments. Barb Henrickson? Don't know who she is but makes a change from Kelly Le Brock which is what I used to get all the time...........that or "Are you Italian?"
  15. Thanks! I like to do my bit to show the world the wonder of Jason (and Deb!)
  16. What a great piece of LZ/Bonham memorabilia, Kneb. It will be interesting to see what they fetch. I'm sure their uniqueness will bump the price up
  17. A bit of shameless self promo here! I have a YouTube channel devoted to Jason ...and a couple of clips of Deborah Bonham. Check it out at... My Jason YouTube Channel
  18. That was awesome, Steve. You and the band sounded fantastic. Comment duly posted You can see Jason is genuinely having a blast. And good to see that he is game for getting into the spirit of things and obviously making your night. Hats off to Jason
  19. So, what you are trying to say is that it was beneath Jason to perform with these guys ?? Jeez
  20. I have had a look through the photos Steve and they are AWESOME! You can see in the shots what a great night you had. You must still be on a rock and roll high Thanks for the link!
  21. So very, very sad :'( Such a tragic story. Condolences to all her family and friends.
  22. Awesome Steve!! I will be there in spirit If possible, PLEASE get some photos/footage (YouTube!!). Have a fantastic night, looking forward to a report of the evening.
  23. But I agree with what JRomero said
  24. One of my favourites Biggest reason is how phenomenal John sounds. I love to hear the isolated drum track... amazing. And the fact that I love Latin/Brazilian music adds to the whole listening pleasure.
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