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  1. No One Here Gets Out Alive - Danny Sugerman (about Jim Morrison and The Doors in case you didn't know).
  2. Has Jimmy got both an MBE and an OBE? As I have seen his name with both accolades following...has he been honoured for services to the music industry? (obvious question it may seem, but there are loads of categories).
  3. MHD

    DAB Radio

    Auto-scanned 4 times but still no luck..thanks anyway croquet
  4. That would have been me, given half a chance
  5. MHD

    DAB Radio

    I have just purchased a micro hi-fi with DAB. Got it all set up, aerial in place, auto scanned..but to my dismay, it hasn't tuned in Planet Rock. I have had a DAB system before which received Planet Rock no problem, so it isn't as though I can't get it in the area I live (I was even listening to it in the store whilst testing the system out). As far as I can see, I cannot manual tune. Anyone any suggestions/ideas?
  6. Ooooo..now that does give me a Strange Sensation
  7. Oh my...that was dreadful It says on the website that it's a World Aids Day song...so that suggests it's for charity..but it's a free download. I'm confused?!?
  8. I was there '87 and '88...great memories..Friday night was party night, bonfires everywhere, it was one big party In '87 the heavens opened during the Saturday night/Sunday morning and our tent and all its contents were completely sodden. I vividly remember riding home on the back of my then boyfriends bike in soaking wet jeans! not good..
  9. A Hendrix solo in the middle of Please Release Me would've been fabulous!
  10. MHD

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Oh, how I this thread
  11. MHD

    Hey Led Heads

    Welcome Wicked...wicked photo too
  12. You have a treasure trove of photos Steve..thanks for posting.
  13. Love the roll at the beginning of No Lullaby (Heavy Horses - 1978)
  14. I'm surprised they didn't call it Hairy Pie then (Apologies for dragging things down to a very juvenile level)
  15. MHD


    That's how I first got to hear Nantucket Sleighride
  16. MHD

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Wow, wow, WOW!!! THUD!....*collapses in heap on floor*
  17. MHD

    Robert and Maureen?

    Hahaha I knew Maureen wasn't caucasian, so I thought it was her and with it appearing to be a very "couple" pose.
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