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    I only know (and love!) Nantucket Sleighride...is further listening recommended?
  2. Until recently,imo, Jagger/Richards were overlooked and underrated as songwriters. The media were too busy labelling them bad boys to give them the credit they deserved. For me, The Stones have more backbone to their music than The Beatles.
  3. Hey, hey, baby, when you walk that way, Watch your honey drip, can't keep away. and I'm sure I'm not the only female on here that loves The Rain Song, especially "speak to me only with your eyes.."
  4. DSOTM...by the skin of its teeth.
  5. One Of These Days - Pink Floyd...heard it while testing out hi-fi's in my local Currys (electrical store)..it came on DAB Planet Rock. It's such a great tune. Saw Floyd perform at Earls Court and OOTD was a stand out for me
  6. MHD

    Acoustic Guitars

    I have wanted to learn acoustic for ages but shyed away from actually going out and buying one. I really need some non technical total beginners advice...just a few pointers in the right direction. Also, can you effectively learn through books/DVDs? or are lessons the way to go? I know there will be a few of you guys who play..If you don't wanna do a long reply on the forum please feel free to PM or email me. Thanks in advance.
  7. MHD

    Where Are You?

    So am I!! "Of all the towns, in all the world..."
  8. MHD

    Beard of the year!

    Lurve that photo...for me it's the beard AND that gorgeous hair that does it *swoon*
  9. Hey hentai, imo you kinda look like the lovely Kirsten Dunst Enjoying looking at everyones fab photos!
  10. matt, I love to see your family photos..another sweet pic
  11. I have spent a mellow New Years Eve, downing a bottle of Beringer and watching the 2003 DVD...and whilst being captivated with Robert singing Black Dog at MSG, I started to think "Wow, if only I could get a time machine to whizz me back and put me right there at the front..." the age I am now I hasten to add (I would've only been 6 then!) That would be total HEAVEN. Well, y'know how your mind gets carried away sometimes So, I wanna ask everyone, if you could..what moment in Led Zeps history would you chose to be taken to by the time machine?? Silly,yes..but fun
  12. A Very, Very Happy New Year to everyone on the forum, all Led Zep fans throughout the world and, well, anybody that's left Peace
  13. Me and Jason Bonham!! ....No, not really, just my other half! Yeah, I know he's not his spitting image but he does remind me of him
  14. Great photos Buk...really sweet
  15. Queen - Live Killers..... The last great thing they released before going all "housewives choice" Other personal favourites...Deep Purple - Made In Japan , Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous, Hendrix - Band Of Gypsys, AC/DC - Live.
  16. Wonderful shots..love 'em! Thanks so much for posting. The girl in the long kilt made me smile..the one on the stairs where she has her hands to her face, in a world of her own, thinking how much she adores these guys. Wonder if she is still a fan??
  17. MHD

    Has anyone

    Didn't see it Georgia...anything new or interesting in the article?
  18. Santa didn't bring me TSRTS Disappointment is an understatement.
  19. D'yer Mak'er Hats off To (Roy)Harper I'm surprised that Your Time Is Gonna Come gets a couple of mentions...I rate it quite highly, Love the mighty JPJ church organ intro that blends into a more mellow sound so smoothly..and Jimmys' acoustic sounding mesmerising as usual
  20. About 18-20 years ago I remember a BBC documentary, can't recall exactly what is was about but something along the lines of the story of heavy rock, and it featured Jimmy playing an acoustic version of Kashmir...Anyone else remember? I would love to see it again..if I can find out the title I may be able to search for it on the net.
  21. I adore the sound of the mandolin...beautiful and haunting.
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