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  1. I adore the sound of the mandolin...beautiful and haunting.
  2. I do love the set up of Robert, Jimmy and John seated front of stage..if they do tour, maybe they could slip in a 15 minute segment...*note request*
  3. I've had a trawl through the O2 topics and haven't seen a reference to this yet..but apologies if it's already been answered somewhere, just let me know where to look. So...why? Was there a specific reason that we got no That's The Way, Gallows Pole, Going To California, etc..
  4. Delightful photos..Robert looks so HOT! Love the one with his daughter..very touching. Thank you so much for posting these.
  5. MHD

    Why Zeppelin ?

    Sorry, but I would much rather hear Robert sing about the juice running down his leg than what his views were on the Vietnam war...
  6. Oh. My. God. I would run a mile if any of those numpties came near me....scary dudes
  7. Well, as the title says, did LZ ever play Hull, UK in the very early days?? My brother says he saw them but is vague on details...he's had a few sleeps since then I know we did get a few notable bands here once upon a time...The Who, Deep Purple, heck, even The Beatles played the local ABC. Any info would be great..thanks.
  8. MHD


    Hi Gordon...well, I'm envious already ..you saw them in Newcastle all those years ago, that must've been amazing. To see Robert in his prime..tight trews an all..for me, that would've been heaven!! (Betcha thinking.. ) Please to "meet" you and see ya around the forum.
  9. What wonderful pictures Matt...beautiful. You look a very happy family
  10. Thanks for all for your replies and info...I was particularly refering to Jimmys' guitar as, to my untrained ears, it sounds like 2 acoustics playing a duet! I'm sure someone's gonna tell me that it is the skill and wonder of Jimmys' playing that it makes it sound that way...anyway, can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks
  11. One of my favourite acoustic Zep tracks. Forgive me, but I'm not musical or know much about what goes on in the studio but I have always wondered if this is Jimmy playing one guitar, one take or is it "multi-tracked/layered" not sure of the correct technical term? Thanks!
  12. MHD

    New to forum

    Hi Piper...I've been a fan since I was a wee girl too
  13. Great band, another favourite of mine! Saw them earlier this year, they truly rocked. Was also able to order DVD of the whole gig a few weeks later...no edits, the show as I saw it! Proceeds went towards charities supported by The Who. Wishful thinking, but would be amazing if the O2 gig was made available like this. I have this nagging doubt that if..when..it comes out it will be hacked to pieces
  14. MHD


    Yep...long black straight hair at the moment...but I can make it wavy
  15. MHD


    Not a great photo, but the only one I have at the mo on the computer! Sorry this was meant to go in post picture of yourself! apologies..it's getting late here!
  16. 40... and proud to have been listening to LZ for 36 years!
  17. MHD

    Hi Everyone

    Would like to say Hi.. I'm Sarah, been a Zepp fan since I was 4 years old (Thanks to my elder brothers!). Been having a mooch around the forum tonight and it seems a great place Enjoying all the clips from the O2..like thousands of others, was unlucky in the ballot. Did get to see Page/Plant in the 90s though. Looking forward to posting and sharing views with fellow fans. Cheers, Sarah
  18. MHD

    Tell me

    It's so hard to chose isn't it?!?! But, at a push, I would have to say Immigrant Song as I have very vivid memories of being 4 years old, sitting in my eldest brothers' room whilst this rocked on his turntable...and totally loving it!
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