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  1. I thought you were on about these guys when I saw the thread title Swede The Monks
  2. That's what I thought. Same with Zep and classic rock And who the heck is Sufjan Stevens???? (Shakin' Steven's long lost cousin? ) And why are fans of him/her/them more intelligent than us Zepheads??!! That is the big question!
  3. Wonderful stuff. David in the good old days. I saw Whitesnake last June and it was sad to hear him screeching rather than singing. I couldn't help but hark back to the glory era by banging Live...In The Heart of The City on the CD player the next day.
  4. I have a love/hate relationship with STH. I know it's an amazing song, but I am sooooooooooo tired of hearing it. I do tend to skip it more often than play it nowadays.
  5. MHD

    Ross's Diary

    Jason hasn't spoken publicly about it as, from his side of the fence, there is not a lot he can say. And to answer an earlier point, Jason has been out and about over the past few months. He appeared with Deborah Bonham at the Kidderminster Music Festival last September. In January, he was looking happy and fit at NAMM 09 in California. He attended the Grammy Music in Focus event in February, along with Robert Knight, who had some of his Zep photos on show (Robert has known Jason since he was a boy). In the coming months he has a few projects in the pipeline, so he is keeping busy and no doubt also enjoying spending more time at home with his family.
  6. Wow, gorgeous Bonnie I LOVE your hair.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be tuning in
  8. MHD

    Ross's Diary

    I think Ross enjoys the mind games! He must be taking tips from Kevin Shirley, remember his "they who shall remain nameless" entry that got us a bit excited a few months back.
  9. I joined, but I'm not at the laptop enough to get the most out of it, so it seemed a bit pointless. A lot of people do it by mobile phone.. like Stephen Fry, who is the only person so far I tagged to follow. I bet Alan Carr is fun, knebs
  10. I saw Deborah Bonham in concert last night. She was brilliant, and I had the pleasure of meeting her after the show...
  11. Well, it gave me a giggle anyway. Only UK tour date so far is........................ Chichester!!!! wtf And to add to the whole hilarity of it all , a box popped up and said "Would you like to be notified when Led Zeppelin comes to Hull"
  12. 1999 ~ Annette Bening should have won for American Beauty. Her performance in that movie (one of my favourites) was sensational. The Oscar went to Hilary Swank for Boys Don't Cry.
  13. Mickey should of won, but his forthright views have upset too many Academy people in the past so I bet that went against him. He even conceded to Sean before the ceremony, knowing that his chances of a win were not that good. Shame, as he is brilliant. I am a bit surprised about the amount of Oscars Slumdog won.... I haven't seen it, but a few friends have and I have read average reviews. Comes across as being a tad overrated?
  14. Very sad and so sudden. My sympathy goes out to his family and friends.
  15. MHD

    Starship Stewardess

    Good to hear from you Frank, can't wait for the next installment
  16. Those photos remind me of a pic I had in an ancient Guiness Book of World Records of a bloke that could blow hot water bottles up!
  17. As nine pointed out, feather, you have to have chemistry..it's either there or not. And remember, Jimmy and JPJ experienced the ultimate chemistry back in 1968 in Gerrard St. It would of had to taken someone special to get anywhere near that level again. I am not talking about the whole argument of "replacing" Robert, but when you have had that magic, musical experience in your career and the massive expectation that Jimmy, JPJ and Jason must of felt to produce the goods, it must be so hard getting that balance right and to spontaneously click with a vocalist on a new project.
  18. I lasted 40 seconds. Silly woman. She acted like someone died or something
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