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  1. My local Sainsburys. I am almost positive WH Smith will have it in too.
  2. Got this the other day, as Dukey said it is not all Zep, but the other features are pretty cool including a great feature on The Stones One of the best Classic Rock specials of late, I'd say.
  3. What beautiful photos, spacewoman. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I love the traditional dress you got
  4. This has got me thinking. Are there any live recordings of John pre-Zeppelin in existence?
  5. MHD

    Brits & Bad Teeth

    I am sure there are plenty of Americans with bad teeth! To use Tom Cruise as an example (as he is in the photo colage) his teeth were terrible when he was first on screen. His, and hundreds of other Hollywood smiles, are due to the fact they have veneers (and a Hollywood salary to afford them). Imo, having these flashing one dimentional smiles can have the opposite effect and look rather ridiculous...especially as you get older. I have always looked after my teeth, plus I have been blessed with good strong teeth ( and I am a Brit!). They are not completely straight, you don't need sunglasses when I smile....but I am happy as they look natural. I am often complimented on my smile
  6. The Lizard Queen Very nice Bonnie.
  7. MHD

    Fav Music Films

    Almost Famous American Beauty.. soundtrack and original score, both are fantastic Saturday Night Fever.. one of my favourite films. TSRTS
  8. Congrats to Robert and Alison. Raising Sand is not my cup of tea, but I am delighted for them.
  9. MHD

    Starship Stewardess

    That's a bit strong.
  10. Jason has been more than up for it since they came off stage at the O2. Jonesy himself said of his infectious enthusiasm and keen contributions to the jamming/rehearsals last year. Also, it was the biggest reason he left Foreigner. He is pretty devastated that it has come to nothing.
  11. I LOVE Brazilian music, so I love this. The singer is brilliant! Someone should send this to link to Jimmy Thanks for posting
  12. The standout out of that song for me has always been Robert's kick ass harmonica solo
  13. I've been catching up a bit with this thread... lovely photos everyone. Ladywhitesummer, the one of you and Logan is so sweet. Lalka, your pic is retro-fabulous.. love it. Here's me with my new Bonham necklace.. I lost the other one!!
  14. Thanks Dzldoc, I bet I am one of the last to be celebrating!
  15. I got this for Christmas.. just to compare. From top left, clockwise..Robert's, Jason's, Jimmy's, JPJ's
  16. I'm confused. Do you mean Jason reuniting with Chas West?? or a completely new band? Jason has already done a Zep CD with his band ~ Check out, In The Name of My Father by The Jason Bonham Band Jason Bonham Band ~ In The Name of My Father
  17. RIP Billy. Our friend here, Alwizard03 (Al) must be feeling it bad... he is a massive Skynyrd fan.
  18. What a cutie, Lws... I see he is clutching Pudsey Bear!
  19. I'm with you on both counts Ally YTIGC has always been a big favourite of mine, along with the similar What Is and What Should Never Be.
  20. I would think they're veneers. And anyway, I don't like to visualize the image of Jimmy, the Guitar God, putting his teeth into a glass by his bed each night
  21. MHD

    Song with no words

    Too tough for me to pick just one. Swan Song, Moby Dick, JFB and Bron-yr-Aur are my top tracks from the list
  22. I shall be giving that one a miss then! Forrest Gump = Bot-tox? my arse
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