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  1. great pics.. ^^^ My favourite...love your hair!
  2. There seems to be lots of acts who had half decent careers here in the UK, that are considered one hit wonders in the US.....The Proclaimers, James, A-Ha, to name a few.. Someone mentioned Pilot earlier and their song Magic... they had another even bigger hit here, January. And I think Nine said about Rose Royce, in the UK they were really popular during the disco era... I can think of 4 hits off the top of my head.
  3. Lenny Kravitz was a name mentioned early on. Thanks for posting Allison
  4. My thoughts too Aqua Thanks Knebby. Amazing photos!
  5. No stone has been left unturned regarding the J's collaboration Poetic, believe me. EVERYTHING has been discussed and suggested (and duplicated!) over the past few months...yours included....in the many threads about their project. And the wheel rolls on...
  6. Love it! Who are the others, Kneb?
  7. Imo, Supergroup was dead and buried for Jason as soon as filming finished. Even though he did say in the last episode he wished it to carry on in whatever form it may take,in the end, it was he and Ted that were the ones that scuppered any continuation of SG. I'm sure he would of been/will be?? a brilliant fit for Jimmy and JPJ, imo bonzo...although I will be equally chuffed if he did go off and make wonderful music elsewhere. He so deserves it
  8. Naturally, I am saddened that..for now..there seems to be nothing in the pipeline for this collaboration. I so wanted to see Jimmy back out there, on stage... it's been nearly 14 years since I saw Jimmy(&Robert)atSheffield. It feels like an age ago. And, of course, I was delighted to think that JPJ would be joining him... brillliant. However, being a big fan of Jason's, I feel most disappointed for him. I bet he was so relishing the prospect of working/touring with 2 of his "uncles". What I wish now, if indeed they have thrown the towel in, is that Jason gets a decent gig that deserves and showcases his talents as a musician, vocalist and songwriter.
  9. Jimmy!! (and Joan... and Mrs. Wisty )
  10. Cheers Otto, Riot and Knebby... fab photos. My favourite...
  11. Oh well, I guess the The Jason Bonham Band reunion is a step closer then Jason is reportedly at NAMM next week. Sadly, I am 5000 miles away, so won't be attending If anyone here is going along, see if you can get any news from the horse's mouth! (although I think J will be a little more cautious now about letting any info slip)
  12. Peter Mensch, talking to BBC6 Music.. Link My heart sank when I read this from said interview... “I can’t comment on any rumours right now,” said the manager, “It’s gonna be a long and difficult process. And we’re not soliciting people! So don’t call me about it!”
  13. Me too! Although I don't think it's that good for our insides Bonnie. I LOVE to have cheese with a slice of fruit cake. Hubby says I'm odd for liking it... I tell him it's him who is odd for not liking it! My mum puts butter on Weetabix... I'm not into that
  14. I have been working in a department store over Christmas and as I served a woman at the tills, I noticed that she had JPJ's symbol on her wrist. So, eager to acknowledge a fellow fan, I said "you're a Zep fan then?" she looked at me really puzzled and said "sorry??" "The symbol on your wrist..." I pointed out. She replied "Oh no, I am a big fan of the tv show Charmed. It's from there." Then I was all bamboozled as I didn't know what she was on about! I googled it.. and here's a picture, symbol included Edit to add: typical.. the first time I don't fully check a thread in case someone else has posted what I am about to post! Sorry, just seen that reids has already mentioned about Charmed
  15. Nice one Buk I'm digging the dungarees! (do you call them bib and braces/overalls in the US?) Great nostalgic photo
  16. I have quite strong feelings about this. Imo, it is totally inappropriate to hang about, ring door bells, etc. I really don't even think I could even drive slowly by! Through Google alerts, seeing estate agents adverts/features in magazines, over time I have been notified and know where Jason's house is in the UK, and his Florida addresses... by means of this highlighting homes of the stars, although is Google Earth actually responsible for this or do websites just use Google Earth to show the properties? I got this info via an automatic Google alert as I have "Jason Bonham" registered at this service ie, it was not sort after by myself! I would never dream of "having a nosey" or using this info in an inappropriate manner. It's wrong. And I have too much respect for Jason and his privacy to invade his space, so to speak. I expect he would be pretty pissed off... and I would be mortified!! Yes, we all have a certain curiousity level, that's just being human but there is a line you do not cross. A home and grounds are private property.. and should remain so.
  17. MHD

    Plant honored with CBE

    That's what I was wondering. Must be soon, surely.
  18. All I ever think about is Austin Powers!
  19. Yes, absolutely! Happy Birthday JPJ Btw, love that sig photo Lilith...one of my faves of Jason at the O2
  20. I'm with you leddy. This is the only (British) act that would come anywhere near causing a big stir if they reformed. Now, anyway. I would of said Pink Floyd, if Rick was still was us.....
  21. MHD

    Christmas gifts...

    My son got me a photo (one of the Ross Halfin ones, taken just before they went on stage at the O2) signed by Robert, Jimmy and JPJ. He said he was disappointed Jason's wasn't on but I was completely thrilled with it
  22. I have had my 6 Jason/Supergroup Outtake videos deleted off my Youtube account overnight. There must be a blitzs going on. I'm not a happy bunny
  23. Sort my finances out! That's my numero uno priority. Also, I need to get into a regular exercise regime again. As the year has gone on I've fallen off the fitness wagon. I love to dance and Latin American music so I want to start taking lessons in latin dancing.
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