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  1. Yeah I kinda thought there probably would be.
  2. Hey I had my sister do a charcoal drawing of Jimmy and it turned out really badass and was wondering if we could go to like an office store and make prints of it and sell em on ebay or something if people would buy them or not? Figured I'd see what everyone on here thinks of it. The picture doesn't do it justice and I hope I got it linked right but just curious to see what you guys think. Jimmy Charcoal Pic
  3. I found the song, they played it again on "Two For Tuesdays" on that station. What You Give by Tesla, fuckin killer song. I thought tesla was just another hair band from the 70's but they got some good shit.
  4. seriously, does no one know this ?
  5. no thats not it, its acoustic, very similar sounding to OTHAFA, but yet it has some electric solos over it. pretty talented sounding song so thought maybe aerosmith or something, voice reminds me of steven tyler too but its not blatantly sounding like him so not sure.
  6. hey sorry for posting this in ramble on but i figure its the most frequently used forum and i kinda need to know this soon cause im moving into a new place and dont got internet yet so at sisters now. anyways i heard a song on the radio and need to know what its called and who its by. its acoustic and sounds very similar to over the hills and far away. the voice sounded kinda like either steven tyler or tesla. there was some lyric that said the word "crazy" and another that said bout girl leaving or being gone. and its not Crazy by aerosmith either. any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!
  7. Put The "O" Back In Country - Shooter Jennings Show And Tell - Silvertide American Minor - American Minor Icky Thump - The White Stripes Chief Boot Knocka - Sir Mix A Lot Doggystlye - Snoop Doggy Dogg All of the previously mentioned zep, hendrix, skynyrd, etc. Skynyrd's 1st album Pronounced, wow!
  8. The reason I bought it, (don't get it til christmas though) is for another live version of Over The Hills. How does it stack up? I love the solo on the HTWWW version but the beginning is a little harsh sounding compared to the studio which is perfect in my opinion. So basically I want the studio version with a wicked ass solo from hell. Does it deliver or disappoint?
  9. Have gotten laid more times wearing your Jimmy Page The Legend Shirt than times wearing anything else. Annoy the hell outta your friends by talkin bout zep all the time and try to get them to listen to em and force it upon them. Your uncle and his friends play acoustic guitar and harmonica and listen to and accept pretty much nothing but Chris LeDoux yet you blow their minds by bustin out Over The Hills And Far Away intro to them. Went to South Padre on spring break where everyone was listening to nothing but hip hop and some Gasolina song and you backed your truck up to the hotel door, threw in How The West Was Won and Lynryd Skynyrd Greatest hits and not only rocked the most badass party in about 3 blocks but had some frat guy w/ a corvette throwin a party on the other side of the hotel and tried to get everyone to leave your party to come to his but no one did and then eveyrone at his came to yours and he hung his head down low and bowed down to the mighty zep and came to your party and then you played Stairway To Heaven 12 minute live version twice in a row! And the people stayed til the cops shutter down.
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