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  1. I acknowledge your input, which is also your first post, with a huge grain of salt. Hopefully a photo, recording or some other irrefutable proof will surface.
  2. If I'm a betting man, Dave Grohl, among other wealthy rock stars, will be bidding for it.
  3. At best it was originally signed by Page and Bonham in the '70s, by Plant and Jones many years later. Having four signatures from different eras in different inks may explain the relatively low price. Even so, I'd pass on it.
  5. Everything stated by the expert brought in to authenticate and appraise this item is absolutely correct.
  6. Loved this great man. He kept everyone honest and was often laugh out loud funny. RIP. (6) The Duke of Edinburgh's greatest gaffes caught on camera - YouTube
  7. Even so, I think it's best she be sequestered in Tokyo at an undisclosed location for at least a month. Please be fully supportive and encourage her to start packing soonest.
  8. Robert was in the midst of his mid-life crisis. Had he felt more secure in his circumstances at the time it's quite likely Coverdale's success would not have annoyed him as much as it did.
  9. Me too. In fact, just the other night in Kobe (Japan) I watched four motorcyclists tailgating some young Japanese douchebag in a Lamborghini down the road. He'd gun his engine and they'd respond in kind by revving their bikes. It was one big penis substitute parade that impressed no one besides themselves. I hope they all arrived safely at the Saturday night dick dance they must have been headed to.
  10. Frank Melfi quite likely photographed the Knoxville show and can be contacted on Facebook. I know he shot the Memphis show the following night. The official tour itinerary booklet provided to the band, staff and crew has them flying from Atlanta's DeKalb Airport to Knoxville's McGee Airport the day of the show and checking into the Hyatt Regency. They were then to be flown from McGee Airport to Memphis International the following day for the Memphis show that night. Since the day before the Knoxville show was a day off it is quite possible Jimmy & Robert elected to deviate from publis
  11. Thank you very much, ABHouston. I show Cleveland concert show time was also moved from 8:30 pm to 5:30 pm to allow JPJ to make a late evening flight to London following death of Joe Baldwin (his father).
  12. A 1990's release of Houses of the Holy with a Green Day record on one side and supposedly sold for over $1000: htps://www.discogs.com/Green-Day-Led-Zeppelin-Dookie-Houses-Of-The-Holy/release/7184799 That price seems way out of line but all it takes is one person with a lot of money and little sense.
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