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  1. It's wonderful to be here (Chicago) this weekend. Last night, they were performing Angie under darkening clouds when Mick looked to the heavens and asked "When will these clouds all disappear?" Not another drop of rain the remainder of the show -- or since. He's got more than time on his side at this point. Absolutely magical.
  2. This shows where your head is at. Just come out already.
  3. There's a figure of speech, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Fear has little to nothing to do with it. I'm a realist, and while I realize the odds are low I also realize I would never want to be on the wrong side of any given encounter.
  4. Well, the thing about the US is it has a population of about 330 million, 329 million of which are in varies degrees of mental illness and/or drug dependency. So I would walk around strapped because if I encountered someone seeking to give me a problem I put two in their chest, one in their head, then I go back to my hotel and sleep like a baby.
  5. ^^^ One more thing about Zuckerberg and oversharing on Facebook. Ever notice that "Recommended Friends" listing? Well, when you connect with someone everyone they are connected to will eventually see you as a Recommended Friend, and it will even tell them you have a mutual friend. If you're married or in a committed relationship, good luck explaining all your "flirting with danger" friend connections Facebook recommends to your significant other. Again, just another example of Facebook compelling people to over share information for the sake of increasing site usage and in so doing advertising revenue. I hate what that twerp has done to society.
  6. Well, to answer your question if you are NOT connected (friends) to someone on Facebook and you send them a message they will NOT see it UNLESS they check their Message Requests folder, which is where messages from unconnected members are delivered. Unfortunately, FB does not send them a notice that a message request has been received or an icon that there is a message in there. So unless and until they check that specific message folder on their own they'll never see it or know it was sent. I always felt this was something FB could improve on. The only way around it is if you to their wall and it allows public comment posts you can make a public comment post to them: "Hey, I sent you a message. Please check your message requests folder". I actually deleted all of my "friend" connections because, and you may not know this, Facebook now shares all of your public posts with all of your friends. This is the sort of thing people hate Zuckerberg for, this relentless over sharing of information across Facebook. So for example, if you go to any public page or public group site on Facebook, say one for Alyssa Milano, and you post "Great tits, no brains" guess what that just showed up in the news feed for all of your friends and family. People are far too easily offended nowadays and I do not need the aggravation. I do enjoy making public posts though, so the only way to do so without every connection receiving them was to sever all those connections.
  7. You have to convert the contents of the cassette tape to a digital file and then upload it. To be honest, it's probably not worth the effort given the complete recording is already in circulation.
  8. That's amazing. I'll double check my notes to see if we have confirmed a gig at the George Hotel in Walsall in 1966.
  9. For business purposes they were London based, given Peter Grant's office was on Oxford Street and later the Swan Song Records office was on the Kings Road in Chelsea. However, two of them (Plant and Bonham) hailed from the Midlands and two of them (Page & Jones) hailed from the metropolitan London area. Two Northerners, two Southerners. So from a personal or cultural standpoint, they are neither a strictly Midlands based band nor a strictly London based band.
  10. Just stop? You guys live on an island in the middle of fucking nowhere with a relatively racially homogenous population. Consequently, there's nothing more tedious than Americans trying to explain firearms possession to Aussies.
  11. The vast majority of people I'd be even remotely interested in connecting with or hearing from are all dead. Occasionally, I do use the Facebook messenger feature to chat with fellow collectors or whatever but for the most part I only use Facebook as a news feed for the groups I'm interested in. Posting pictures of what I had for lunch, sharing cat memes or birthday wishes-- I have got no use for any of that bullshit.
  12. Eye Thank Yew! Here's a bit more about the hotel for anyone interested: https://flashbackdallas.com/2018/01/09/the-cabana-motor-hotel-of-dallas/ https://www.dallasnews.com/business/real-estate/2017/10/05/residential-tower-resort-pool-planned-cabana-hotel-redo https://www.aiadallas.org/v/columns-detail/Lost-Found-Cabana-Motor-Hotel/qe/
  13. It's legit. According to my notes it was taken at the Cabana Motor Hotel, possibly on 8/23/70 which was a day off. There is a second shot of him hoisting himself out of the pool -- naked as I recall.
  14. My hunch would be July 29, 1973 which was the last show of the tour. Additionally, Ahmet Ertegun hosted a party immediately afterward at the Carlyle Hotel, presenting them with gifts and their gold record awards for 'Houses of the Holy'.
  15. "It makes me so sad . I've asked everyone and I mean everyone and Geoff never worked for my father . Mick Hinton was my dads tech . The story was my dad meet him in the rainbow and he liked him cuz he worked for Billy Cobham so he was invited to the show !!!" -- Jason Bonham Jason's comment is unequivocal and pretty damning. Personally, I can't think of a reason why Geoff would have worked for Bonham in '77 or '79, either live or in the studio as Mick Hinton was his drum tech at that time. It's perhaps interesting to note Geoff says he "worked with" Bonham and not "worked for" Bonham. Something like that could mean while Geoff was supporting someone else in '77 or '79 a conversation about drums ensued between them. In any event, I'm sorry to close by sharing that Geoff has been battling prostate since September 2018.
  16. No. I doubt I will ever see them as they'll never perform in Japan. I would like to see them though. Robert Plant Saving Grace - Cindy, I'll Marry You Someday live Brunel Goods Shed Stroud 22.05.2019
  17. Full terms and conditions here: https://wminewmedia.com/terms/view/?f=20190506-ledzeppelin-quizcompetition209-1557127481.pdf
  18. You have correctly discerned the two uprisings I was alluding to, and on second thought if you are stating one purpose of the Second Amendment was to reassure some states that the federal government would not abolish their citizen militias, which they needed to control slaves, Indians and attacks by foreigners then we are in agreement.
  19. The fact is personal, unlimited gun ownership is the majority opinion in the US and more importantly the SCOTUS, which is why the leftist gun grabbers don't press their luck by pushing for an amendment. As to slave rebellions, that's an interesting theory but given there were only two significant uprisings in the nations history at the time the Bill of Rights was written it seems a stretch to suggest they were the motivation for it's inclusion. Conventional wisdom holds that it was to retain the capacity to overthrow a tyrannical government, which seems obvious.
  20. Where the line can be drawn with regard to "shall not be infringed" is very much open to interpretation. For example, in my personal opinion the Second Amendment IS my concealed carry permit. Of course, the law does not support that interpretation. Regulation/restriction is for the most part a matter of state law, but of course there are some federal laws that apply.
  21. 1971? Fake. Or at least NOT 1971. One purpose of the symbols was not to use the band name.
  22. There's IPMan to mention James Madison and the Federalist papers. Fair enough... Madison did not propose to place the second amendment in that part of the Constitution that governs Congress’s power over the militia. The obvious reason is that Madison was seeking to protect an individual right to keep and bear arms, not some undefined right of the states to arm or control militia members within their borders. Indeed, it was Madison himself who coined the phrase “Bill of Rights” to refer to the amendments he was proposing, including what would become the second amendment. States do not have rights. They have powers. Individuals have rights. In any event, the second amendment guarantees in its own words a right of the people, not a right of the states.
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