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  1. Perhaps the fastest way is to post photos of it here for independent analysis and verification. Actually, via private message would be best.
  2. He is such a weak dick as MLB Commissioner. The Astros leadoff hitter should get drilled at the start of EVERY GAME this season. It'll send a message and set a record that may never be broken.
  3. The Court of Public Opinion had returned two opposing verdicts, "Not Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" and "Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt". I get that, and I don't have a dog in this fight. That said, I just think it is incredibly distasteful for media commentators to rehash an old allegation that was settled out of court. Justice was served at the time so why do they feel compelled to bring it up literally a day after the man and his daughter are incinerated on a hillside? It all really seems to be more about gender politics and virtue signaling to show us how woke they are than any real concern that there was a miscarriage of justice in the first place. Besides, who here hasn't sowed their wild oats in the same way? Let's not be hypocrites. Aside from that, the accuser had more skletons in her closet than Pretty Woman.
  4. Dear internet: If I see or hear one more anything having to do with Kobe Bryant I am throwing myself out the window. Move on already!
  5. Yeah, heard about it. It's great news, but it would have been greater for me about 30 years ago. I burned out on bootleg recordings a long time ago.
  6. Of course knowing what is being thrown does gives the hitter an unfair advantage. I think Paul is simply suggesting the hitter still needs to make contact with the pitch. Barry Bonds fans frame their argument the same way. The performance enhancing drugs improved his odds for hitting a home run, but he still needed to make contact with what was thrown.
  7. I'm reminded I own this leather Harley-Davidson motorcycle jacket allegedly worn by a member of Robert Plant's entourage or road crew on the 1988 North American tour. It is emblazoned with the logo from the front of his Now and Zen album. If memory serves correct it's a ladies jacket. As with the billfold wallet described above, it is almost certainly an item uniquely personalized for the owner. This jacket is definitely NOT an official promo item nor official merchandise.
  8. Stamping or engraving any leather product to say anything is really not that difficult.
  9. I'm suggesting "unlicensed merchandise" in the broadest sense of the term...to include expensive, unique, one off items given to someone as a gift, etc. It is almost certainly NOT an official promotional item. Perhaps sam_webmaster will share his opinion.
  10. Description sounds like unlicensed merchandise to me.
  11. Sam has added them to the official timeline for Copenhagen 7/23/79.
  12. It's a suitable festival event that happens to be in West Bromwich, nothing more. So long as he remains in good health I imagine he'll continue to tour North America. I imagine he'll continue to perform in the UK indefinitely.
  13. Join poet Scarlett Sabet and legendary musician Jimmy Page to discuss their latest project, Catalyst. Mon, 9 March 2020 18:30 – 20:30 GMT Location The Groucho Club 45 Dean Street London W1D 4QB United Kingdom About this Event Hailed by Hunger Magazine as “one of the brightest new stars on the international poetry scene”, poet and performer Scarlett Sabet has built a reputation for her beautiful prose and emotive readings. Inspired by the Beat poets, Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath, her work including four collections - Camille (2019), Zoreh (2018), The Lock and the Key (2016) and Rocking Underground (2014) - explores themes of women and friendship, loss and childhood, and the politics of isolation and despair. Joining us for a London Book & Screen Week special, Scarlett will be in conversation with legendary musician Jimmy Page to discuss their latest project, Catalyst, a radical sonic re-interpretation of selected pieces of Scarlett’s work, released digitally and on special edition vinyl last year. Alongside a reading by Scarlett, the two will discuss the creative process behind the album, the relationship between word, sound and format, and whether the potential of poetry lies beyond the printed page. A unique opportunity to hear from both rock royalty and one of contemporary poetry’s brightest stars. Ticket price includes a complimentary drink and signed copy of Scarlett's latest collection, Camille. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/poetry-beyond-print-scarlett-sabet-in-conversation-with-jimmy-page-tickets-88500197473#listing-organizer
  14. I can't believe they're gonna put a guy with dead hands on tour. How bad does this guy need the cash?
  15. I see the recording was released by Russ Loader on Columbia on Sep 17, 1965, but nothing connecting the song to Jimmy Page. http://www.45cat.com/record/db7696
  16. I'd like to see them this summer but once again the ticket prices are just absurd. I have seen them many times before.
  17. Author Roger Kahn. https://www.latimes.com/obituaries/story/2020-02-07/roger-kahn-dodgers-boys-of-summer-dead
  18. No. It's either the wrong title, the wrong label, the wrong year or this is just a hoax post.
  19. Kirk Douglas relaxing at home (1965). RIP.
  20. Then by the power vested in me as a forum member, I now pronounce you and the thread starter man and wife.
  21. Now THAT'S parity!
  22. A bit of a snooze until Mahomes found the end zone three times in five minutes! THAT was worth staying tuned for. Congrats to KC and Andy Reid.
  24. First down Kansas City. Let's ice it!
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