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  1. Climate does change -- for example many places on earth experience all four seasons. Occasionally, an area will experience what we call an extreme weather event. However, in this case I believe to attribute their deaths solely to those factors without mentioning the wide spread power outages obfuscates the situation in pursuit of some other agenda.
  2. 40 MILLION LISTENERS. That's not just "a conservative radio personality" as CNN dismissively characterized him today, it's a juggernaut. I didn't agree with some of his viewpoints but I agreed with the vast majority and appreciated the due diligence and preparation that he obviously put into each broadcast. A huge loss given his enduring impact upon our national discourse.
  3. With Lee1111's sighting? My threshold for what constitutes conclusive proof is a bit higher than an anonymous message board post on the internet. As a by the way, the Eastbourne chopper can't possibly be JPJs as JPJs chopper is stored in my shed, right beside the garden gnome figurines. See my point?
  4. Kaede Kaga ~ She may have the hottest body of any woman I have ever seen ~
  5. Record Collector's Magazine (February 2021) (Japan)
  6. His magazine didn't bother me, his abuse of the First Amendment ("it's ok to yell fire in a crowded theater"), contempt for the SCOTUS, the flag and the nation did.
  7. My reverence for the First Amendment aside, this guy was a straight up scum bag. Good riddance.
  8. This will kill my interest in the franchise, as would choosing Idris what's-his-face, a black male, to play the role. People want to root for a black spy stop appropriating my culture and just create a new character. Next thing you know there will be a black stormtrooper. Nah, that's too ridiculous.
  9. The first SIX TIMES he WON A SUPER BOWL all I heard was Belichick was the reason, now it's because the opponent lost one of their key blockers. Too funny! Tom Brady || Old Man Still Got It || Bucs Highlights Mix (2020-21 Season) - YouTube
  10. Mary Wilson of The Supremes Dead at 76 MARY WILSON, BILL WYMAN & THE RHYTHM KINGS, SEPT. 26TH, 2012 - YouTube
  11. Great observation! Premier League Footie (what we call soccer) bores the shit out of me. I find it unwatchable, and yet I always enjoyed tuning in on the radio to have it play as background noise. The roar of the crowds, the chanting, the over-excited announcers calling the games.
  12. When I lived in England I watched a fair amount of rugby on television, and I did find it difficult to watch American football for quite awhile afterward.
  13. TOM BRADY is the GOAT. If that was still in question, it's not even a discussion anymore. In fact, if there is a discussion, it's "Is Tom Brady the Greatest of All Time among all professional sports?" Professional sports is about winning Championships. He's played in 10 Super Bowls and won 7, MVP in five. Most impressively, at 43, he goes to a team that had won nothing for 18 years and takes them all the way. So now we're talking 20+ seasons of "All I do is win, win, win". Unprecedented! Other Super Bowl notes: the game itself did not live up to the hype, the Half
  14. Based upon your supplemental findings, I would say GMG is likely Grant - McLaren - George.
  15. [AAA2020 HD] 있지 (ITZY) – INTRO + WANNABE (Rock Ver.) + Not Shy @2020 Asia Artist Awards (AAA2020)★ - YouTube
  16. Hence "generally speaking".
  17. August 10, 1967 Magistrates Court in Wednesbury, England Robert Plant and friends advocate legalization of marijuana during his appearance for careless driving…charge was dropped on account of insufficient evidence.
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