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  1. Locarno Ballroom - December 9, 1971 / Coventry | Led Zeppelin Official Website On March 17, 1988 Robert performed in Coventry at the University of Warwick Arts Centre. He was interviewed by W963 Warwick University Radio. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of it but he very well may have mentioned to them that he had performed in Coventry way back in 1971.
  2. It was reported in June 1992, and perhaps sooner, that McLaren was seeking to produce a film of Grant's life. Ultimately, following Grant's death, it was reported that his children were opposed to it and it never came to fruition. GMG is likely Grant - McLaren - Goldstone.
  3. They seem to be radio spots for various cities across upstate New York, probably produced by Concerts West, the event promoter. It was cancelled about a week prior.
  4. SteveZ98! All great points to ponder. The site I have in mind is meant to be more of a homage and labor of love than a money making venture. I suppose I could use it to plug the book I'm writing. Anyway, it's for a Japanese singer, Chisato Moritaka, who's golden era was the '80s & 90s. She has since returned over the past few years to doing live performances and touring. In fact the biggest challenge seems to be how do I attract and retain the interest of her Japanese fan base (not to mention the Western World!) in the site and the book if they are presented predominantly in English.
  5. https://mega.nz/file/Gm5liCrK#F0U0mQeGGSCO5Rn_HcvOFrtK8kZhpdHA7HaYuwjmZvM Please delete this post if inappropriate.
  6. One of my goals is to launch a site like this for another artist later this year. I realize sam_webmaster may be unable to contribute to this thread on account of proprietary concerns, but perhaps some advice can be shared from others? I'm seeking a ballpark figure on what it would cost to launch and maintain, and some of the biggest challenges I would face maintaining it. I don't think I would want to necessarily be that involved in the site admin or moderation aspects, just the owner/executive role. If I can secure a licensing agreement with the artist's Japanese management company to b
  7. You need to post a snippet right now.
  8. Yes. Nothing earth shattering, but perhaps something many hadn't heard before.
  9. "World's 1st Underwater Listening Party"...Outrider Album Release...June 16, 1988 Anyone else have one of these? I've only seen two. Mine (mint, acquired 1992) and one on ebay (slight shoulder stain). What I really want to know is if this event really happened and where. Apparently there was an Inn On the Park in Toronto, and it is "Toronto Maple Leaf" colors but there are other Inn On the Park locations. It does not look like an official promo shirt despite the Geffen logo, and it doesn't have the album's title either.
  10. Yes, it is enough to rekindle my interest. I'm in occasional contact with some of Peter's friends. I'll ask them what they may know about this. Additionally, I can conduct some additional research.
  11. Guitar Magazine (February 2021) (Japan) The Portraits of Jimmy Page, Jimmy Page interview, Jimmy Sakurai interview, several republished Jimmy Page interviews.
  12. Go one step further and tie it into the deadline for filing federal income taxes. Have it fresh in people's minds how badly they're getting screwed over by the system.
  13. Generally speaking, if they're skinny with bigger lips and t*ts they're Thai. If they've got hips they're Korean. If they're flat chested and aggressive they're Chinese. If they're flat chested and passive-aggressive they're Japanese. If they're all of the above their Filipino.
  14. Yes! I recall this now. I have a great radio interview from the week of June 7, 1976 called Earth News. It features Plant and Bonham (separately) and each discusses the album in-depth. The host speculates as to what The Object may symbolize (society breaking down among other suggestions).
  15. It's plausible but to my knowledge no one at Hipgnosis or in the band has claimed that it is, so we may never know for certain.
  16. It's like a switch is flipped when they go on vacation though.
  17. The driver's family should file a civil suit for damages against the estate of the jaywalker, seeing as the jaywalker's estate received a two million dollar settlement. I guarantee if she visits she'll never want to leave. I can send directions to the bootleg district prior to your visit. Chinese tourists are pretty much reviled everywhere. Conversely, when I visited China I was disappointed (but not surprised).
  18. It's a right insofar as one does have the right to do what they wish...and suffer the consequences. Depending upon the jurisdiction, it's possible that jaywalking could be cited from an infraction up to a misdemeanor. If they are hit by a vehicle, it is possible the jaywalker will be found at fault.
  19. Ridiculously so. My favorite is if the light says don't walk they will wait for the light to cross, even if it's 3 am and there ain't car in sight on a two lane road.
  20. Bear in mind we're merely discussing the first pressing of their first album in the US. The first pressing of their first album in the UK, etc. has different characteristics.
  21. One of the big misperceptions about Japan is that assimilation would be appreciated. On a superficial level it is -- when it minimizes rudeness for example-- but beyond that it actually works against foreigners. Acclimation is sufficient. It's hard to explain but perhaps the best example would be imagine if the most sensual, exotic Japanese woman of your dreams moved to LA...and behaved in a fully assimilated manner. You'd be impressed -- initially -- but over time may resent it (at least within the context of a romantic relationship). Perhaps the example falls short in that in the US there is
  22. IOC plans to vaccinate every athlete before Tokyo Olympics (nypost.com)
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