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  1. Ok, the second photo seems to be in the immediate vicinity of Jimmy's boathouse in Pangbourne. I've been there and the width of the waterway and everything appears to match. Going from memory, Jimmy's wearing the same coat that he wore at the Bath Festival on June 28, 1970 so this was most likely taken in 1970 or 1971. They first met at the Royal Albert Hall in London on January 9, 1970. The fifth and final photo is indeed Jimmy and Charlotte and according to Scarlet Page is the first photo she (Scarlet) ever took.
  2. Kiss evolved from being a band to being a brand. The four "original" designs are used because they are the most iconic and a direct connection to the band's golden years.
  3. They went on very late that evening, by which time Jimmy was frazzled. However, when you saw him on the Outrider tour he'd already been performing night after night on tour for several weeks.
  4. Gene is a great guy. He visited a young fan who was in hospital that could not make the show, and even brought along some merchandise for him to purchase. 🤡 Gene Simmons is a softie - YouTube
  5. Paul, let me tell you we could quibble over the merits of Dubai, but I am so glad Kiss never took the "live streaming from our living rooms route" which are all boring as hell!
  6. I see this thread has over 1.2K views now. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has become more interested in Chisato's music as a result. It would also be great to discuss her with others who are fluent in English. 渚のシンドバッド~気分爽快  森高千里 - YouTube
  7. They spent two months wading through the vague, often contradictory and wholly unsubstantiated recollections of groupies? There ain't enough aspirin in the world for that task.
  8. “Chisato Moritaka Live 2020 ~Selected by Nobuaki Onuki~ The Profound Top 20 Best Songs.” - YouTube
  9. I like to use it to survey the urban blight of America's downtown areas, among other things.
  10. This is the Swan Song launch party at Chiselhurst Caves on 10/31/74 but it's not Phil May. If you look closely, there seem to be two people to Robert's right. One, perhaps Jimmy, slightly turned with his back to the camera which slightly obstructs the side profile of the man who does appear in other photos taken that night. Perhaps he was management or staff for another act, or someone who worked in the UK music industry. I don't think it's Peter Grant, either.
  11. I support Apple's side of this argument. Anything that reduces Facebook's anti-privacy shenanigans is a good thing.
  12. It has all the makings of being a publicity stunt and yet it's unlikely it was Cole and highly unlikely it was Grant because in my opinion it reflects very badly on them. We also know when the band was informed they were very angry and if you watch the press conference footage closely note Grant subtly gives viewers the finger. Perhaps that was his way of sending a message to those responsible, realizing they would undoubtedly be watching the news coverage.
  13. Did you see where they were quite deliberate about ensuring the first person to be vaccinated in the US was a black female, by a black female doctor? This was reportedly done to alleviate concerns in minorities communities about the COVID-19 vaccinations being another Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment in disguise. This country just can't get over itself.
  14. Page, Plant & Jones all attended the 'Led Zeppelin DVD' premier in NYC on 5/27/03.
  15. I do stand corrected and that's what I get for posting from memory. One thing though, I show TSRTS premier after-party on 10/19/76 was held at Pierre Hotel - La Fret Restaurant (61st Street & 5th Avenue). So I'm going to add the Plaza Hotel as their accommodations at that time.
  16. 초아 Shower - Becky G (cover by CHOA) + bonus clip💕 - YouTube
  17. Correct on all points! "To maintain our independence in every regard, Hillsdale does not accept one penny of state or federal taxpayer funding — even indirectly in the form of student grants and loans."
  18. We can't discuss anything nowadays thanks to people like Ross62 and, to some extent, you. That said, this wasn't meant to be a discussion thread. A free course is being offered. If one is interested, enroll and enjoy. If not, move on. See how easy that was.
  19. George Carlin told us about the Corona panic years ago - YouTube
  20. Chisato Moritaka -- Cotton Club in Tokyo (July 26, 2020) Courtesy Steve A. Jones Collection
  21. Chisato Moritaka -- Summer 2020 Courtesy Steve A. Jones Collection
  22. 1987 Warner-Pioneer Corporation promotional poster (60 x 84 cm) Courtesy Steve A. Jones Collection
  23. 1987 Warner-Pioneer Corporation promotional poster (60 x 84 cm) Courtesy Steve A. Jones Collection
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