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  1. This rather important thread has 25 views while Where's Maureen has nearly 500. Just shoot me.
  2. Agreed, although I am keeping the faith they can throw in a little 'Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush' the way they did it in San Francisco 1969. They segue from that into Now I Am The Muffin Man and I'll have myself a Merry Little Christmas.
  3. He didn't speak too highly of the old mellotron while playing those bluegrass festivals. He's got Hugh Manson crafting an array of new basses for the show and he embraced technology (the Kyma) on all his recent solo tours. I think the mellotron will quite likely remain in storage.
  4. Presuming For Your Life, Dazed And Confused, Kashmir, and Stairway to Heaven will remain on the list after the final rehearsal, well it's only a two hour show folks! Add Carouselambra to those three and the show is half-over.
  5. Listen, you've levied accusations against the band that do not withstand any scrutiny whatsoever under the scientific method. When you find even a morsel of evidence to support your assertion that the human brain can interpret backwards-masked messages I'm all ear. We may have a difference of opinion on this matter, and that's acceptable. No harm, no foul. It's been a long day, that's all. Cheers to you!
  6. Can they do it?! Oh, can they do IT. Of course. "People were coming up to me before the gig asking is it on? Is it gonna be on? For a moment I wondered about my anatomy but then I realized they meant because of the weather. Isn't wonderful that it snows? Doesn't it change the vibe of the city? This next one is for the Keeper of Seasons, whomever and where ever he is". -- Robert Plant, New York City, February 1975
  7. There aren't any because the horse is dead! Feel free to keep kicking it. Look, allow me to save you additional untold hours on this pointless pursuit of finding the devil in everything. Take out a LIVE recording of Stairway to Heaven. Ok,now put it on the turntable and play that demon-possessed lil' bastard in reverse. There! THERE! You hear those sounds. Those same sounds as heard on the studio version? Yes. Exactly. Your taking a purely coincidental amalgamation of sound and assigning meaning to what your hearing. IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD BUDDY! I mean holy shit, I mean Ghost, that fre
  8. Big Nech enters the room! I made a suggestion once about what Dave Ghoul could do on December 10th but I'll keep it clean here seeing as this is the "official" forum. You know, I'm almost convinced John Paul Jones wanders around his house murmuring to himself "what the hell did I do that project for, I've had to change my number ten times since then". Jonsey, man stick with the bluegrass festivals. The collaboration with Mutual Appreciation Society was astounding.
  9. So where's your customer complaint desk? Because your original guarentee was we would see the concert. Now you've gone a step further and guaranteed we will see and hear it but then taken a step back by adding the disclaimer "in some manner". Your only criteria for release is "in the bands eye, if the performance is good" of course it will be released. Well, there's a number of excellent performances professionally recorded which have yet to see the light of day. Claude Nobs has a house full. Vintage Zep, good Sir. It only took 33 years for the band to release Royal Albert Hall 1970
  10. Of course The Cult would open up. They'd open up the doors, the bar and the after-show suite.
  11. Yeah it would, but the opening number is Good Times Bad Times, unless they should change the setlist between now and then
  12. Steve, before I reply I want to say thank you for your contributions to preserve the legacy of Led Zeppelin. I've always enjoyed your work. With that said, I trust you agree the statement made by Ian Astbury is absurd, and deliberately so (his 15 minutes of fame up yet?).
  13. Well, the thread starter who referred to The Cult as The Cure then proceeded to bring up the completely unrelated topic of John Trower. I'm thinking thread discipline is not his bag, baby.
  14. Oh, I wouldn't be surprised. Jimmy's wife is Brazilian. You knew that.
  15. First, they're not obliged to confirm or deny press speculation. Second, did they ever signal their tour intentions thru lackeys, intermediaries or the New Musical Express? Hint: No. In the unlikely but yes, technically possible, event they should decide to tour you can bet it will be announced through a fully sanctioned press release, if not also a press conference. Never Offside? There's a flag thrown on this last play, my friend.
  16. Hot pics of John Paul Jones?! I'm thinking a fishfly has a longer life expectancy than this thread.
  17. Bets nothing. Hell, I'll throw cash at you to kill these stupid Astbury threads. Matter of fact, I've already seen Dave Ghoul of Nirvana, the parasite of Zep message boards, mentioned in another thread. God help this new forum.
  18. Unless my archive database is corrupted I show that on August 20th 1971 they checked into the Continental Hyatt House hotel at 8401 Sunset Boulevard 90069 after arriving from Vancouver. Jimmy spoke briefly with Pamela Des Barres before she glided down the hall to Robert's room.
  19. Guarenteed, huh? Feel free to substantiate this claim.
  20. ...but check out the numerous uninteresting, false threads on same topic already in progress first. It's a shame Melissa didn't.
  21. Can you use your time to review same topic threads in progress before needlessly starting another?
  22. Do you honestly believe a "support act" would be confirmed before the venues? I honestly can't decide whose the most pathetic: Ian Astbury saying something so stupid to get his name in the press or the NME for publishing it. Oh, don't let me leave out all the morons starting one thread after another concerning this same ridiculous topic. Hey Guys, the most long-awaited reunion tour in rock (with the exception of The Beatles) is now confirmed because Ian Astbury said so during a club gig in Cincinnatti. Get a clue.
  23. Wouldn't it be something if this mythological riff is in fact "borrowed" (as are the opening notes of Stairway to Heaven) from the track 'Taurus' as written by Randy California of Spirit, a long-time favorite band of Robert Plant.
  24. LZ III was released Oct 5th 1970. Their first performances in Seattle after the album was release were more than a year and a half later (June 18 & 19 1972). I can tell you they were actually scheduled to perform in Vancouver at the Pacific Coliseum on June 18th but that concert was cancelled on short notice by the Canadien authorities for fear of public misbehavior. Peter Grant made arrangements with the Seattle Center Coliseum to perform there instead as a make-up date for the Vancouver fans and buses were chartered for the trip. One can imagine this turmoil may have affected their perfo
  25. The evidence of his playing on the recently released Foreigner concert dvd (available everywhere) suggests he'll perform admirably with Led Zeppelin.
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