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  1. Well I think in hindsight I would have done, but I think it was done by one or two people just ringing around. In fact, I was not involved, in the process. If we can track him down, it would be worth having another renuion. It was one of the most incredible evenings. We had not seen each other for nearly 25 years, and we all got drunk, and ended up doing the same things we used to do in class as kids!
  2. They should join and become one band, and call themselves Pink Zeppelin Or Led Floyd
  3. John, That would be great. I would very much appreciate it. I have very many fond memories of those early years at school, and at the time myself and the rest of the class never really appreciated what led Zeppelin were. For us, it was something vague and related to the US, they were never in the UK charts anyway! Jason used to tell us incredible stuff about the band, but it was something we could not relate to. Its funny because years later, when I turned 20, I went and bought Led Zep I, just to see what it was all about...and it blew my mind. The last 20 years I have been enjoying Led
  4. Thank you very much, that was really helpful. I checked out Trinifold on the web and have their contact details, and I have emailed them asking if they can help me. I notice also on the article about Jason on this site, Jason spoke of him emailing Robert and Jimmy about the concert, so I guess he has email - I just need to see if I can get his email address. The issue is that everyone is very sensitive about gicing these details out....
  5. Hello everyone, I am looking for advice as to how I may contact Jason. I went to school with Jason in Elmfield School Stourbridge, England during the period from 1973 to 1981. We were very good friends. I went to his house regularly the Old Hyde Farm near Kidderminster, and he often came to my house for weekends etc. John Bonham often used to be there and he picked us up on the occasions I went to their farm. There are many memories of this time, and Carmen Plant, Robert's daughter was also in the class below Jason and me. Robert was a football fan and used to turn up for the school tea
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