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  1. Pulled ITTOD and listened to it. It's the first time that I've listened to it in an age, and it quite simply leaves me cold. By far the weakest LedZep album. It has none of the drive of the earlier albums, and as someone else said, it just sounds like a Robert Plant solo album. There's a couple of OK songs, but that's it. And there's the awful 'Hot Dog'. i simply can't listen to that!
  2. I'm very annoyed that even tho I preordered Four Symbols from Amazon, I got an unnumbered copy!
  3. Actually I think Terry was Jimmy choice until he was WARNED OFF working with him. But, hey, knock yourself out. You may want Robert, but he certainly doesn't want Zep! So TR seems as good a choice as any!
  4. I don't understand all of the fire and smoke about this issue. Robert - for whatever reason - chooses not to get back with the band. Is that a shame: Yes. Is it his choice: Yes. So leave him be and let's move on. Lets remember that this is not a Led Zeppelin reunion: John Bonham will not be there in body so it can never be Zep. He was a very important member of the group and contributed a HUGE part of their sound. It was - and is - Jimmy's band, anyway (let's remmber that Robert wasn't the first choice of singer) and as long as Pagey takes the stage, I'm happy. I'm sure another singer ca
  5. I was recently in London where BladeRunner was being screened in the cinema, so I was able to see what it certainly the best version of what is my favourite film on the media that it was meant to be transmitted on. It was a big thrill to see it on the big screen and the Final Cut certainly did not disappoint. What has been a flawed film in the past was - with all of the gitches and dialogue-errors removed - a SF-classic. I was hugely impressed by it. My only gripe would be is that damned dove that Roy releases when he dies. I mean where did he find that beast in downtown LA where animals ar
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