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  1. I read somewhere that the kids are jason bonham and grants kid (Warren) fiddling around before a concert
  2. As a youth I remember digging the crazy comments by the tapers... something along these lines... "Why? Why do you bake me a pie?" "Love live the poor-booster!"
  3. I was there today. The Jimi Hendrix football player drawings were my favorite part, as well. Zep was under represented imo
  4. I just saw this... FREE at the Lockport, NY Labatt Concert series. July 26th Jason Bonham's LZ Experience This is a great venue to see a FREE show http://www.canalconcerts.com/
  5. AM radio by everclear mentions LZ and shows Jimmy in video
  6. Gang, Just curious... What concert featured the most complete version of The Crunge?
  7. so I'm on the phone with my Mom tonite and I throw out "Don.t forget to watch the Kennedy Honors show tonight" and she says... "The only ones I care about are Led Zeppelin!" She's 76 years old! I could'nt believe it !
  8. I loved it all and was surprised that no one seems to be crazy over the version of No Quarter, like I am!!! Pure magic!
  9. I'm in Fairport & chuckled when reading about the Sabres and Bills. It's hard to love those teams sometimes!!!
  10. I had to turn it of as my kids were nearby when I listened.
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