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  1. Very good point They've dabbled a bit before - Page and Plant performed 'Shake My Tree' during their 95 tour, I get the impression Jimmy is quite proud of that riff. If you can track it down, there's some fantastic use of the transperformance Les Paul and some stirring Theremin work too. Very animated and inspired. From what I've heard of their performance at the o2, with the chemistry back to more or less how it was in the 70's - Jason is superb - it would be be good to see how 'Led Zeppelin' would tackle some of the individual members' solo work. The only one, from Outrider....certainl
  2. Sorry, but I have to put pen to paper here, having read some of the comments. These guys have put mind, body and spirit into every performance since they formed - so I think it's a bit rich that anyone starts talking about 'shoddy' performances left right and centre. Can we not just sit back, enjoy the music and compositions that we've had? If I was one of the band, and read some of these comments, I'd be thinking 'Well, stuff you lot then' and potter about doing my own thing, with family, rather than putting absolutely every last scrap of energy into more writing, recording and touring. Co
  3. Hi people I was very fortunate to meet Jimmy at the ABC Trust charity Dinner/Cocktail evening in December 2005, and can agree that he is indeed very charming and there's definitely a warmth and charisma, the guy's a gentleman. Naturally I was starstruck ! And struggled for words......but I have the picture proudly on my mantelpiece. It's also on Jimmy Page online, under fan photos - 'Jimmy with Martin in London'. I play in a band myself - my singer was with me that night, she told Jimmy 'you're a legend, you know that?'.....his reply was @But all I do is play the guitar'....he's very humble
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