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  1. Osama's final facebook status update:
  2. If by "topped himself" you meant committed suicide, that's incorrect. The Aircraft Commander, Paul Tibbets, died in 2007 of heart failure( at age 92). The copilot, Robert Lewis, also died of heart failure in 1983( at age 66).
  3. Unfortunately not. http://www.amnesty.org/en/death-penalty/abolitionist-and-retentionist-countries
  4. It makes me unhappy when I do dumb things. I can't believe I fell into the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field and bought a Macbook Pro. Over a thousand bucks for 2 year old hardware, wtf was I thinking?
  5. Adding Adblock plus to Fire Fox. Speeds things up nicely.
  6. Grrrrr. I took the time out to write to my Senators and congressman to state my opposition to the "public option" stating that I strongly oppose it and see it as a step on the way to "single payer" and the take over of health care by the federal government. The first response I got was from one of our dipshit senators (Russ Feingold) that starts out "Thank you for contacting me regarding a single payer health care system. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me, and I share your support for a single-payer system." WTF!!!!! Do they even bother reading letters from their constituents? Why bother?
  7. Yeah, that's the source of endless internet arguments.
  8. How much did you end up paying for all these repairs?
  9. What are you watching? I've had the TV on all day and haven't seen anything negative at all.
  10. I was saddened this week by the passing of Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett. RIP
  11. Roughly halfway between Milwaukee and Madison, south of I94. Or about 40 miles NE of Janesville. (seems like I heard you moved there for awhile) No thunderstorms, just mid 90's w/ mid 70's dewpoint. I know compared to where you are that doesn't sound bad, but I ain't used to it.
  12. My controls> edit signature> Insert the pic using img tags like: [ img] url for your image here [/img ] (remove the spaces in the img tags)
  13. Sounds like a great time Lucy! How was England?
  14. Believe me I understand, but thought it needed to be said. If that Peavey is a tube amp you might be heading in the wrong direction. Most people seem to like tube amps better than solid state ones. Maybe the Peavey just needs some new tubes, they need to be replaced from time to time.
  15. I would suggest that instead of worrying so much about the cosmetics or brands that you go and play as many instruments as you can lay your hands on. Each one is different you know, playability should be your prime concern, not how it looks. jmo
  16. If you aren't set on building it, have a look at these, people who have them seem to love them. http://www.rondomusic.com/al2000blkgd.html
  17. too funny very pretty lady as well
  18. I'm starting to warm up to this Stewart guy. He's pretty funny. from the daily show
  19. I think technically a song by definition has to include singing/ words. I voted for White summer/Black mountain side as my favorite musical composition of those listed.
  20. -24°F (-31°C) It's a bit chilly here this morning. brrrr
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