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  1. I think they were just trying to play it safe, given the disappointments in the past. Achilles is a really challenging song, both structurally and in terms of musicianship (the rhythm section especially) I suspect that they auditioned it but chose instead to craft a set that they were completely confident in so as to put them in the best possible position for success. Dazed and Confused was enough of a gamble and if you have to chose between the two Dazed was a centerpiece of their live show since the very beginning.
  2. Zurich 6/29/80 - this was the version I was thinking of originally, pretty solid all the way through, great sounding SB..
  3. Maybe this is dead topic - but I can't agree more, Page sounds dynamite! Even Hot Dog is great!! Page sounds very loose on SILBY (a good litmus test for his playing on any given night) and Achilles is blistering... Magic stuff.
  4. I remember hearing an absolutely unbeatable performance of this song on the radio sometime in the early 90s, still haven't figured out where it came from although I suspect it was a SB and it definitely wasn't knebworth or anything from 77... Anyone else care to venture an opinion? Copenhagen 79 was pretty damn good...
  5. Agreed, Jimmy is a prince, although I think people feel a lingering disappointment over what could have been. Here is how I see it. 1. The songs became longer and more difficult to play for a three-piece (even with the incomparable John Paul Jones who is really equivalent to 2 strictly human musicians) 2. The focus of the band's live show began to shift away from the music to the larger spectacle - lasers, smoke bombs, satin suits, storm trooper get-ups, video screens, 45 minute solos. 3. The venues started shifting from halls to massive stadiums and outdoor festivals - places with q
  6. I agree - although that is almost too much to wish for! Regardless of who has ownership of the negatives and their condition it is going to take a significant investment of time and money for that to ever see to light of day. It would have to be an inside job...
  7. I think the best Zeppelin solo project - by a long shot - is Page's unreleased soundtrack to Lucifer Rising. Kenneth Anger obviously rejected it because IT COMPLETELY OVERSHADOWED his disastrous film. I really wish Page had been given another opportunity to indulge his more avant garde impulses. I could imagine Tony Conrad or Terry Riley grooving to this... Let's not forget that Death Wish II is a horrendous collection of music supporting an idiotic film - as much as we like Page, let's not worship blindly (or deafly)
  8. No doubt about it - that would unbelievable and priceless. I haven't heard the Houston recordings, but I was hoping to suspend my skepticism. Seattle redux I suppose... Nonetheless, in the spirit of the WHO post, I would like to make an open offer to the owners of the Houston video in the sum of (drum-roll.....) FORTY-FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS or equivalent in the currency of your choice. There. The offer is out there...
  9. Really? That bad? I guess I should be careful what I wish for...
  10. That's a cold trail at 20+ years ago, but I thought I'd share, just in case.
  11. The Wizards are preventing its release.. Its a conspiracy of Wizards - ask the other guy, he knows.
  12. Oh, I have offended the King of Zeppelin - please don't send your Wizard after me! I have modified the post, I hope your majesty is not still angry... DON'T SEND THE WIZARD AFTER ME!!! AHHHHHH!!!
  13. Gimmie, Gimmie? Did I ask you for something? Did I displease the Wizard?
  14. You sound pretty confident...
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