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  1. Any idea about this photo? It's perhaps made an appearance before, but I couldn't find it in the many entertaining pages on the forum. I'm more interested in the Roy Vombrack name and how this came to be taken. At the same gig or what. Wasn't Vombrack a bandleader/arranger/musician based for the most part in Chicago? A very neat photo regardless. 67'ish Yardbirds? Never mind, tures out it was from the Cellar Teen Club of Arlington Heights on April 20, 1968 according to Vombrack.
  2. For more of Jimmy with that nice tie. It's from the APRS Sound Fellowship Awards November 22, 2011. Some great photos of him there. http://gileadlimor.smugmug.com/Events/APRS-Sound-Fellowship-Awards/20253274_W2MV2z/1602132610_CXhmRGK#!i=1602132610&k=CXhmRGK or, look here: http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/16845-jimmy-at-aprs-sound-fellowships-awards-lunch-22112011/ That is also indeed Nech in the background of that one photo, and FBO works as an e-mail discussion list.
  3. Ahh yes...but that airplane was deliberately left in. Love the atmosphere it gives to the song.
  4. Listen closely from about 1:35-1:42 in the studio version
  5. That's one of those once you hear it it's forever there sort of things. A bit like the phone ringing in The Ocean.
  6. Hi there Miss P! :-)

  7. hootchie MOMMA!!! Can I get fries w/ that shake??

  8. Quite possibly so

  9. Hmmm, do I know you???

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