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  1. Any idea about this photo? It's perhaps made an appearance before, but I couldn't find it in the many entertaining pages on the forum. I'm more interested in the Roy Vombrack name and how this came to be taken. At the same gig or what. Wasn't Vombrack a bandleader/arranger/musician based for the most part in Chicago? A very neat photo regardless. 67'ish Yardbirds? Never mind, tures out it was from the Cellar Teen Club of Arlington Heights on April 20, 1968 according to Vombrack.
  2. Mayqueen

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    For more of Jimmy with that nice tie. It's from the APRS Sound Fellowship Awards November 22, 2011. Some great photos of him there. http://gileadlimor.smugmug.com/Events/APRS-Sound-Fellowship-Awards/20253274_W2MV2z/1602132610_CXhmRGK#!i=1602132610&k=CXhmRGK or, look here: http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/16845-jimmy-at-aprs-sound-fellowships-awards-lunch-22112011/ That is also indeed Nech in the background of that one photo, and FBO works as an e-mail discussion list.
  3. If you want to watch it, here ya go. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlx1e6_willie-and-the-poor-boys-willie-and-the-poor-boys_music#.UXxHfMvD-M8
  4. Ahh yes...but that airplane was deliberately left in. Love the atmosphere it gives to the song.
  5. Listen closely from about 1:35-1:42 in the studio version
  6. That's one of those once you hear it it's forever there sort of things. A bit like the phone ringing in The Ocean.
  7. FBO has always held a special place in my heart...perhaps because it was one of the first shows I got my hands on way back when. That whole L.A. run of shows is just wonderful though. I'm just not a huge fan of the '77 performances, I like them, don't get me wrong, but given a preference I'll take the '73 tour anyday!
  8. How true. I actually quite liked the C/P material. If I can ignore the lyrics, I loved Jimmy's playing on it. One thing I can't do though is listen to them do the Zep material. I makes me want to grind my back teeth together to hear Coverdale's voice on it. I've totally bypassed any live C/P stuff because of it.
  9. Indeed Pieces like that are always interesting to read. You get a bit of a different perspective and it's always nice when the writer is being honest without slamming the band/band members. Again, nice post Steve.
  10. Perhaps not for you...but like everything else, it's all a matter of opinion isn't it?
  11. Thanks for posting that. A very interesting read. He has such a nice style of writing, puts you right there with him.
  12. There's no way I'm staying away from this one....Zep and Coasters...ahhh, what fun!!!
  13. I suppose I'll wade in with what I feel on this one. I agree with you. I would have given just about anything to have been at that show, to be IN the atmosphere surrounding it, sharing in the sheer magic of knowing that that particular band would be playing in front of me in mere moments. I can only imagine the awe inspiring feelings that overwhelmed everyone there. Even sitting here at home watching the setlist grow and getting a few glimpses into the show...I was a totally excited mess. Watching the STH vid on youtube brought me to tears, happy tears though they were. And now I sit and listen to the sources for the show...and it's a bit different. I still get a shiver just listening and knowing it's them, but the performance, great though it was...was not the same band from long ago. And how could they be? Look at where they started and the various roads they've walked to get to the 02 stage. They are no longer a young hungry band willing to bring the place down to win the crowd over and go to the next step in the career they wanted so badly. Place that beside these guys that are millionaires who have done ever so much in their lives, between all the excess and the tragedy...those guys walked out and had the crowd in the palm of their hand the moment they stepped on stage. How will you infuse all that youth, hunger, lack of fear to try anything on stage and the sheer spontaneity into those guys? It can't be the same. There will be moments that take you back, even take your breath away, but it's still not all the way there. And that's fine with me, I just wanted so badly for them to really enjoy playing together on stage again, and it seems they did. Therefore I'm happy as a clam, for myself and for them. They put on a fantastic show, and I still wish I could have been there. But stacking this up against say, Olympia '69....and I'm going to be popping in that 1969 show...I have spent most of my life loving THAT band...and they became the one at 02...and I love that band too...but for different reasons. I'll always return to the older stuff..but I'll stick with this new incarnation too...whatever they choose to do.
  14. First off, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to upload clips or share links. What an amazing performance to have been present for! Through last night and late this afternoon I've watched them over and over again and it never fails to bring that same rush of emotion. They appeared to really enjoy being up there together and to have Jason behind them. Damn did they sound awesome or what?! I love that they opened with GTBT, perfect opener for them IMO! Stairway..what can you say to see them perform that one again? I well up every time I watch it. Jason should be very proud of himself...damned fine job. I couldn't be more proud of him than if he were my own kid! What a way to lay those other "reunion" ghosts to rest...
  15. I enjoyed the slide show, but yeah, the commentary, if it can be called that, leaves a lot to be desired....for me at least. Definitely turn the sound down on this.
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