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  1. Keith and Jimmy P. are pulling such funny faces!
  2. I missed the distinction between "best" and "favourite", so I voted for OTHAFA (favourite) purely because of the harpsichord, but I think NQ is the best.
  3. Hmm, that "extension of manhood" thing has been a theory of mine for some time, nice to read someone backing it up slightly more eloquently than I ever could. Eric Clapton once said (I'm paraphrasing slightly because I can't be bothered looking it up), "You were in school and you were pimply and no-one wanted to know you, then you're in a band and suddenly you're surrounded by all these chicks". It especially applies to guitarists.
  4. In my head I say it "Bron-ar-ee-ahr" because I think I saw somewhere an IPA spelling of it. (Probably Wikipedia , and anyway, my knowledge of the IPA is from an Australian point of view, so there could be some disparity.) Also, a few months ago Classic Rock printed an interview with Robert from the 80s and he corrected the interviewer's pronunciation of it by saying "Bronnariar", different to what people have said above.
  5. I agree with whoever it was above (milli regretti) who said he's not classically handsome, cos, well, he isn't, but he has a kind of mystique... That and the forearms, the gorgeous smile, the thrusting of the crotch into the back of the Les Paul , the voice, the cigarette, the dress sense......... [thud as MRS. WISTY collapses under table] ....and I have to admit the black magic also has a bit to do with it.
  6. WHY can't I hear anything in Friends, no matter how hard I press the headphones into my ears?! When I sing along (okay, mouth along) to HOFN I say "fluck" or "fruck". Was that to get past the censors? - Stupid Q, the Stones had "Star Star" a few years earlier that goes "star fucker, star fucker, star fucker, star fucker, star...."
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