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  1. That's fair. I certainly don't think it's a cash grab, but it would be nice now that all of the items are known, that people could get the exact items they wanted without having to buy the super deluxe box. For instance, I'm sure there are people out there that are only interested in the book and are left with the choice of being unsatisfied or shelling out for items they have no interest in.
  2. Yeah, I'd like to be able to buy the LPs and the book separately, but no worries, happy to give Jimmy my extra $20 for working so hard on this.
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    Hi, David from Long Island, NY. 26 years old, been a LZ fan since I was in my early teens. I literally have goosebumps over the new site Wish I was going to London (like everyone else). We can only hope this is the beginning of something bigger.
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