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    Louisville, KY
  1. plant1onme

    Plant/Krauss review & photos

    I thought the crowd on Sunday night in Louisville was mostly Led Zeppelin fans. There were, of course your ususal drunks and obnoxious people yelling "Rock~n~roll" etc. Overall, the crowd was good, it was sold out and packed! A few guys were yelling "I love you" to Alison occasionally. Of course when they performed Led Zeppelin songs the crowd went crazy and sang along. I saw a lot of Zeppelin T-shirts. There were all age groups too. The Louisville Palace Theatre is a smaller venue and it has around 2700 seats. A buddy of mine that worked the show told me than when they booked the first two shows and sold out so fast that they were going to book shows in larger venues like Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY which is around 20,000 seats. I prefer the more intimate setting like the Palace myself. I hope you get to make out to one of their shows!
  2. plant1onme

    Plant/Krauss review & photos

    I agree with you !
  3. plant1onme

    Plant/Krauss review & photos

    The two of them sounded really good on The Battle of Evermore.
  4. plant1onme

    Plant/Krauss review & photos

    I saw them Sunday night in Louisville, KY...they were awesome. I highly recommend going if they come to your area! Robert looks and sounds as good as ever!
  5. I saw them in Louisville, KY in 1977.
  6. plant1onme

    Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame

    and HEART!!!
  7. plant1onme

    Relationship Status Update

    Single with one black dog (Chow-Chow) named Buddy.
  8. plant1onme


    For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield All we are saying...is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! John Lennon
  9. plant1onme

    What Makes Jimmy Page Sexy!

    Everything about him is sexy from his beautiful hair, smile, hands...especially playing the guitar, the way he moves, facial expressions while playing and soooo much more
  10. plant1onme

    Unseen Led Zeppelin Pictures

    That's too cool...thanks for sharing!
  11. plant1onme

    Best song off Houses of the Holy

    I'd have to say The Ocean...then The Rain Song.
  12. plant1onme

    Best Led Zeppelin covers.

    Heart does an excellent job doing Zeppelin covers in my opinion. They sound great especially with Nancy playing the mandolin on Battle of Evermore. They are very talented. I think they should be in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. They've been over-looked for far too long.
  13. plant1onme

    The 1977 Tour

    I saw them at Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY on April 25, 1977. It was an awesome show! We had pretty good seats luckily because the crowd on the floor got pretty crazy pushing towards the stage.
  14. plant1onme

    Where Are You?

    Louisville, KY
  15. plant1onme

    Led Zeppelin fan age

    51 and still ROCKIN!