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    exactly. how do you think the cocaine residue got there in the first place?
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    Found Money

    found 35 bucks in a jacket i got at goodwill one time. it was in a "hidden" inside pocket. so i made like 30 dollars on that deal. once at macy's when i was a teenager i was just walking along killing time while my mom was shopping. i was walking around this clearance area that was jam packed with racks of clothes and i looked down and saw a pack of gum sticking out barely from underneath a rack. so i picked it up and noticed something else behind it. a 50 dollar bill. have to say though, one of the best finds, at the page/crowes concert in worcester ma., walking to our seats in the upp
  3. yeah, i was surprised to see this one too...very interesting. i remember seeing p/p in 98 (boston) and i was extremely surprised to see him using that prs during walking into clarksdale. i wasn't surprised really to see him using that guitar - but i am surprised about one being used in the outrider days. i've never seen that referenced in any of his gear lists from the different era's as far as i remember. thanks for the pics.
  4. come on people...no ZOSO sweater lovers out there?????? here's two for you steveAJones: before the jacket faded: and the 84 era you mentioned: also, here are some more i like: i think my favorite jimmy wardrobe piece though are the black and white loafers. those were some sweet - go with everything - shoes!
  5. i was really, really into the coverdale/page album seeing that it was the newest stuff from page at the time. i thought the album was great, and i still listen to it today. in march of 95 i saw page/plant in miami, and man did i go wild when the opening riff of that song kicked in. i couldn't believe it! and we all had been hearing the whole "david coverplant" comments going on and i never thought they would ever play a c/p song. i thought it was great. incidentally, the calling to you renditions on that tour were incredible too.
  6. IMTOD was the first zep song i ever heard. sealed my fate as a zep head. i grew up in a home where baptist teachings were the norm, so rock music was evil. had to wait until i was in high school as a junior before i even heard any zep. i'll list my 5 favs as: The Rover Achilles Last Stand In the Light Trampled Underfoot No Quarter honorable mention goes out to two songs that really get me going when i need to, Ozone Baby and Wearing and Tearing.
  7. i have guitar hero, i have real guitars, i love led zeppelin. so with that in mind, i think this topic has raised the hair on the back of some people's necks and they've taken it personally that people would actually play a video game with a controller fashioned after a guitar and still be able to love zeppelin. i've heard it over and over - get a real instrument! or what a joke that is! or just because you can play gh that doesn't mean you can play a real guitar! well, i'm here to say i've yet to come across anyone whose even hinted that they think they know how to play a guitar because o
  8. have to agree with the poster in another thread with the same sentiment: i haven't done a damn thing since december 10th. i've stayed up until 4 or 5 in the morning, checked out every video i can (multiple times) searched every picture, listened to the slowburn recording while standing in the center of my living room with the surround sound on and not moved for over an hour... but if this is a sickness - i don't ever want to get better!
  9. i am one also that just wants to concentrate on how AWESOME that show was and how blessed we all are as fans to have witnessed this event (live in person or not). i am going on the sound of what we heard (shout out to slowburn and what we heard was LED ZEPPELIN. as far as the people saying we can't ever know what happens out of the public eye, so true. what happens on stage regarding interaction between bandmembers (non-musical interaction) isn't NECESSARILY a representation of their inner feelings for each other. i just went over to mr. ross halfin's website - and let me take a moment
  10. i have been reading A LOT of posts, reports, etc, on this concert since the moment it was announced. personally i was just extremely excited about them doing this - i had zero expectations. i have absolutely loved led zeppelin from the moment i first heard my first zep song (IMTOD) on the way to a golf match in high school. zeppelin has really become a friend to me since then, and somehow i always find myself soaking myself in zeppelin in hard times in life. and not to be dramatic or anything, they just help me feel something special which brings me up. anyway, long story short... the video
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