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  1. For Zeppelin every tune is epic. But I know what you mean and yeah it looked like they were having a lot of fun on stage while playing it.
  2. Why are there so many people saying that Misty Mountain should be dropped off the O2 set list. It has always been one of my favorite Led Zeppelini songs and from what I have seen of the O2 show it sounded pretty good. Can someone please give me an explanation as to why they think it should be dropped?
  3. Isnt the song also Jimmy's favorite? I was really suprised they didnt play it.
  4. I really liked the set. But if i had to choose Drop Since Ive Been Loving You IMTOD (Gonna get killed for that one) Ramble On The Song Remains the Same Add Over the Hills and Far Away Communication Breakdown Heartbreaker Achilles Last Stand Babe im gonna leave you Songs I would love to be played but probably never would. Royal Orleans Night Flight
  5. If you look at the title it doesnt say 5 songs you wish were in the O2 set. Theres a whole other thread for that. Im not trying to bitch about the O2 set. I thought it was great and im realy praying for a tour. Im just asking for others opinions.
  6. THIS IS NOT A THREAD TO BASH PLANT. I think he did incredible at the O2 and he has an amazing voice. Im just curious to see what songs people think he would and wouldn't be able to sing. I could easily make one on Jimmy JPJ or Jason.
  7. I was speakign in terms of if Plant would still be able to sing these songs. Not if the band as a whole would still be able to play them.
  8. What other songs that were not played at the O2 do you think Plant can/cannot still sing. Can still sing. 1. Achilles Last Stand 2. Heartbreaker (After hearing him sing rock n roll i definately think he could do this one) 3. Over the hills and far away (my favorite song by Led Zeppelin and was actually really dissappointed this was left out of the set) 4. Celebration Day 5. The rain song Cant sing anymore. 1.Communication Breakdown (As much as i love this song theres no way in hell he could still sng it without it being tuned way down and coming out like ramble on. 2. The Oce
  9. Hey everyone What about Custard Pie? That opening riff and the whole song kicks ass.
  10. I cant believe no ones mentioned the opening riff to Nobodys Fault but Mine. The immigrant song has a great riff too.
  11. I would say Heartbreaker, The Ocean or Whole lotta love.
  12. The kashmir graphics were awesome. I loovved the misty mountain hop screen graphics though.
  13. I dont know if this has been posted yet or how reliable it is but http://www.pr-inside.com/led-zeppelin-tour...rue-r357376.htm 18 month worldwide tour after plant tours with Krauss
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