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    Music: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, Van Halen, Queen, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Aerosmith

    Guitarists: Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, George Harrison, Angus Young, Brian May

    TV: Frasier, Star Trek: The Original Series, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bonanza, Star Trek: The Next Generation

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  1. Hi, it's nice to see another Beatles fan here. :)

  2. I was sitting there and also of a sudden I heard a familiar melody and thought that's Stairway! Actually the game was fairly interesting in the first half and early part of the third quarter. USC was..... USC of course but the Illini hung in there for awhile... their defense was noteworthy in the first half. The offense stunk, they were running options and sweeps and the passing consisted of screens. Finally at the end of the first half Illinois threw the ball downfield and began to drive before settling for a FG. First two drives of the second half were successful as well and Illino
  3. no x on to y You Never Give Me Your Money - The Beatles
  4. ^ is at Honolulu Airport < is eating a snack Hey Vannis just how early did you arrive at the airport?
  5. I love Guns N' Roses or rather what used to be Guns N' Roses..... they were the last great hard/classic rock band IMO. Appetite for Destruction is one of my favorite albums of all time. The Use Your Illusion albums I haven't listened to as much but they have some good songs off that. I'd like to get my hands on their live album sometime. I think Axl should change the name now cause he's the only original member left I only have a few Velvet Revolver songs but they really rock from what I've heard. One of my best friends got to see them play a couple years ago and he thought they were great
  6. yes I'm a huge fan nope would like to though I only have Van Halen and The Best of Both Worlds.... so I guess I go with Van Halen Panama or Hot for Teacher Eddie even though he's an idiot trying to figure out which frontman should be in his band **Eddie picking flower pedals off a flower** "I like Roth, I like Sammy, I like Roth, I like Gary, I like Sammy, I like Roth"...... In the spirit of the Roth-Hagar debate I'll say this..... I like Roth era songs the best... I like Sammy but I don't like the poppy stuff... when they rocked it was good but I don't like Why Can't This
  7. I wouldn't put Queen up there with The Beatles and Led Zeppelin either. They (meaning the Beatles and Zepp) are way above anybody else. Queen is a really good band though.. I find their stuff really fascinating. They put a few different melodies in some of their longer songs.. much like Zepp did live with DAC and WLL. Their harmonizing was brilliant. Freddie Mercury had a voice that seemed to have no limit in range. Brian May was a underrated guitarist I think. All four members could/did write songs and they all could play more than one instrument. I would say they rank somewhere in the
  8. the video's funny.... Angus is "stabbed" with his guitar :hilarious: yes he also wanted to be recorded swinging from a rope tied to the ceiling around the same time I think (for Tomorrow Never Knows perhaps)...... :blink:....... yay! I always freaking get Q!! let's do something different..... Quick, The never heard of them just guessed perhaps that might be a band name and I looked it up on wikipedia haha
  9. Go Patriots!! Great season guys!!
  10. Who Are You is the first Who song I ever heard You should get If You Want Blood You Got It it's an awesome album...... also an awesome song :hysterical: haha I didn't get a guitar until I was almost 16 yes he was always trying to find ways to change it...... he wanted to connect himself to a direct input jack used for McCartney's bass during the Revolver sessions..... Out Door, In Through the - Led Zeppelin I presume we can use album titles?
  11. no I don't think so but I think I'm catching your drift I have The Jack off High Voltage plus their two live albums when I was six I played a toy kiddy guitar lol Lennon had one of the greatest voices ever.... it was just so awesome..... and he hated it!! Can you believe that? Mother's Little Helper hilarious song
  12. nope not tone deaf either just don't care for it I think it's one of the worst ending tracks to an album they ever did..... with the possible exception of Tea for One which isn't my fav either I mean LZ1: How Many More Times...... POW! LZII: Bring It On Home....... POW! LZIII: Hat's Off (to Roy Harper)..... what the crap?
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