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  1. I love Guns N' Roses or rather what used to be Guns N' Roses..... they were the last great hard/classic rock band IMO. Appetite for Destruction is one of my favorite albums of all time. The Use Your Illusion albums I haven't listened to as much but they have some good songs off that. I'd like to get my hands on their live album sometime. I think Axl should change the name now cause he's the only original member left I only have a few Velvet Revolver songs but they really rock from what I've heard. One of my best friends got to see them play a couple years ago and he thought they were great
  2. yes I'm a huge fan nope would like to though I only have Van Halen and The Best of Both Worlds.... so I guess I go with Van Halen Panama or Hot for Teacher Eddie even though he's an idiot trying to figure out which frontman should be in his band **Eddie picking flower pedals off a flower** "I like Roth, I like Sammy, I like Roth, I like Gary, I like Sammy, I like Roth"...... In the spirit of the Roth-Hagar debate I'll say this..... I like Roth era songs the best... I like Sammy but I don't like the poppy stuff... when they rocked it was good but I don't like Why Can't This Be Love etc etc
  3. a "rare" take of Stairway to Heaven that has been posted on youtube....... the cover of IV is the "video" ...... I'm interested to see how the solo sounds Edit: upon listening to it I like the version we all know and love much better..... but if you wanna hear it go here
  4. there's prolly gonna be a few on here that have been on most people's dislike list John Lennon Paul McCartney Robert Plant Freddie Mercury Mick Jagger whichever Van Zant was on Skynyrd (I get them mixed up and I don't feel like looking it up... I think it's Ronnie tho) Roger Daltrey Any of the Beach Boys I like Tom Petty's voice especially on Free Fallin' I also like Axl Rose... it's not nearly the most refined voice but GNR's wouldn't sound like GNR's without that screech of his don't mind Bruce Dickinson either least favs: Jimi Hendrix..... he's a great player but his voice just isn't the greatest.... although I give him kudos for singing and playing unlike most guitar legends Kurt Corbain..... I like some of Nirvana's songs but his voice isn't my favorite to hear Brian Johnson live.... it's AC/DC so the music's great, but I've never really liked his vocals live
  5. I took driver's ed three summer's ago and one day I woke up with a really red eye. I'd had a few before, mainly cause of allergies and I had been rubbing my eyes, but I had always just worn my contacts anyway and never had any problems. But on this day my parents asked me to take them out just to be on the safe side on this day and I decided to take the one out and leave the other in (in this case the left eye was the one that was all red). Well considering what I had just posted about it being uncomfortable, it truly was. I was going to tell my driver's ed teacher about only having one contact and that wasn't too appealing and neither was trying to read and write with one contact for two hours so I decided to go with the rotten glasses ....... that's the last time I've worn them in public I'm pretty sure I've been told by my eye doctor about the new kind of contact that has come out where you wear them to bed and in the morning take them out and don't need anything for the rest of the day...... it sounds quite appealing to me haha
  6. I've discovered that I get terribly uncomfortable having a contact in my right eye without there also being one in the left yet I can have a contact in my left without one in the right and I'm fine
  7. heard this about ten minutes ago listening to this right now...... I'm listening to the second side of Led Zeppelin II on vinyl and the bass from the album is giving my ears a headache now it's Bring It On Home........ "waahh wahhhhhhh"
  8. Trampled Under Foot Classic Rock.... 106.7 THE FOX
  9. Yes I pointed that out a couple pages ago... Yoko wasn't the only one. But she's a big reason and probably bigger than the rest of them. She singlehandedly managed to turn four friends into enemies unless there was a guest there (i.e. Eric Clapton or Billy Preston... both brought by George Harrison to alleviate that hostility). Her influence on Lennon was incredible.
  10. exactly....... she even gave her own opinion on the other's songs!!!! I don't know about you but that would tick me off..... "who's this woman telling me, a Beatle, what to do on my bloody song?"
  11. I consider those sessions to be one of the most interesting times of the Beatles career... all the songs they did and stuff really interesting even if they weren't getting along
  12. Thanks! I'll have to check it out looks awesome
  13. I thought Ringo lived in the US but who knows ? Nope I don't get it completely either I think her strangeness attracted John to her partly..... as he was always loving odd things. If anything positive happened out of him becoming attached to her it was that he started writing again. I've never heard much of George's solo work outside of the two songs you always hear on the radio (My Sweet Lord and What is Life). I like some of McCartney's solo work, in fact I'm listening to his Having a Wonderful Christmastime song right now. He was easily the most talented musician in the Beatles due to sheer skill.... he can/could play pretty much anything he picks up. He played the solos in Ticket to Ride, Taxman, Good Morning Good Morning, and it's disputed whether he played Hey Bulldog and the album version of Let It Be. He also hasn't really lost his vocal range with age either which is pretty neat too.
  14. yes the solos are different the one on the Let It Be album was recorded a year later I think I forgot about bootlegs of Let It Be ..... can't you tell I'm not a collector? The ones I knew of were the single version, the one on Let It Be, I heard Led It Be...Naked had a different version, and the one on the Anthology they did a lot of songs during that time..... I remember reading they played Love Me Do.... I dunno if it's on a recording or not though
  15. ahh you got the one that has the blistering guitar solo in it then
  16. well there are a bunch of reasons. A big one was Yoko.... but it wasn't the only one contrary to popular belief (I think it just helped speed it up.) When Lennon hooked up with her it all went downhill from there. The recording sessions the Beatles had before they left for India to study transcendental meditation were productive and they were having fun recording together (go to youtube and type in Lady Madonna or Hey Bulldog and you'll see what I mean). But afterwards for the first recording session for The White Album when Yoko arrived it went downhill... destroyed the unity. And the other three went along with it and the result made everyone miserable and short tempered. There were moments where it wasn't so bad sure but I'm speaking in general. Each member thought his own songs were more important and cared only for their own. Harrison felt caged in with normal "two songs per album" that he received on each album... and increasingly hostile to McCartney who he felt was "bossy" (Hey Jude is an example.. McCartney didn't like the way he was playing guitar) Also George felt that he couldn't record until Paul had done three or four of his own songs first. Well to keep this from getting really long, these feelings never changed and after all four somehow managed to make a somewhat united effort with Abbey Road they rarely saw each other after that. Each member had started some sort of a solo effort but they hadn't officially split until McCartney came public about it. I think a factor often forgotten is that the Beatles had basically spent fourteen straight years together from their teenage years to adulthood..... they all had families when they split and were happy to stay that way You probably have the version that was released as a single. What CD did you get it off?
  17. Well obviously the thing you heard doesn't apply to me cause both are two of my fav bands off all time I don't think Pepper is the Beatles (as a whole) best work... I'd say Revolver or Abbey Road is. Pepper was McCartney's project and it shows cause he wrote the majority of the songs. Lennon's contributions were smaller, Harrison had one song after putting three on Revolver, but I like the song Lennon and McCartney wrote for Ringo... its the best one they ever wrote for him. That said, it's still a masterpiece.... and I think Revolver is a good reason that Sgt Pepper isn't maybe as highly regarded anymore. Yeah I can imagine this album dropped quite a few jaws when it first came out.
  18. I generally don't have a Beatles song I don't like (much like Zepp) but there are a few. Those are good songs Vannis I like them..... must ask though...... which version of Let It Be do you like the best? There are three plus the one from the Beatles Anthology so you have four to choose from my favorite songs would be Hey Bulldog, Help!, Hey Jude, Here Comes the Sun, and Ticket to Ride
  19. I looked for one and couldn't find one. Saw a few things about Lennon and Harrison but nothing of the Beatles...... and considering that we have a bunch of other threads about other famous bands I thought I'd start one on the Beatles I love the Beatles I've been addicted to them since I was fourteen and have tried to read almost every book I happened upon that looked interesting My favorite album is Abbey Road..... it's their best album I think. Also love Rubber Soul and Revolver So yeah, what's everybody else think?
  20. I think the group is Steam..... yep it is just double checked When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin
  21. haha it's cool and yes you have to pay close attention to that sort of thing if you want to be a good English teacher oh and in regards to how everyone's age is wrongly assumed in some way..... I'm seventeen and I think most people think I'm around twenty
  22. lol thanks for the info. I like more than three usually........ but not always haha
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