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  1. I'll take the canned goods and the pain killers, thanks!
  2. Reality is my God. Truth is the word of God. The voice of God is the voice of Reason. I am real. You are imperfect reflections of my Ultimate Reality. Please send donations in the form of large numbers of small, unmarked bills. Other donations, such as virgin teenage daughters, are also accepted.
  3. Nicaea BTW, I've been cheating.
  4. On my computer, I wrote up a big long document consisting of nothing but dichotomies all flowing together into an explanation of the spiritual meaning of an ancient human sacrificial ritual. At the exact moment that I completed it, and went to save it, the power went out, and I lost all my work. I subsequently learned that the power went out because someone hit a utility pole killing himself and his son. The next day I recreated it the best that I could from memory, and when I went to save it, the power went out again I believe it was because someone hit a utility pole. I gave up on trying
  5. http://www.libertyforum.org/ is back online!
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