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  1. Thank you all for your help finding my father a version of stairway for his funerals it was perfect walking in and having one of his favorite songs playing. I have one more thing i need help with, my dad had substantial debt that he has left to me and my brother. We are having to sell his prised guitar that was signed by page and plant. It is new and has a certificate of authenticity and we dont want to sell it but we have no choice. I can send you pictures of it and the certificate if you email me at xandrose@gmail.com If you live close to Albany Ga i can show it to you. Once again i t
  2. Hey again everyone and thank you all so much for your help with finding a version of stairway for my fathers funeral. It was soo beautiful walking in to it playing like he wanted. I have another favor to ask and it has to do with my dads death. My father didnt have life insurance probably because he didn't expect to die soo young so me and my brother are trying to get his debts settled. he had about 65000 in debt but he also has a lot of assets. We don't want to but we are selling one of his most prized possessions a signed guitar. It is signed by Jimmy page and Robert plant with a certificat
  3. OMG!!!!! if you would that would be perfect i want the true led zepplin version please try my email will let me have up to a gig in one email please try thank you all soo sooooo much
  4. Thanks for the post but i want the zeppelin version with the wind instruments
  5. My dad just passed away and he was a huge Zeppelin fan he is even getting buried in his zeppelin shirt, I want to play stairway to heaven at the funeral but i was told that it would have to be an all instrumental version (no singing). Can you provide me with this please?
  6. Hey led heads this is a plea for help i need a all instrumental version of stairway for my dads funeral. He was a diehard led fan and i want to have the peaceful opening and instrumental for when his friends and family are walking in. Please respond to this or email xandrose@gmail.com with any info. I had to fight to get the chance to play this song at his funeral and i dont want to lose that chance. Just to tell you how important this would be to him he is getting buried in his favorite zeppelin shirt
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