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  1. A few years ago they came out with a box set with every MASH episode in the order that it originally aired on TV. It also had MASH reunion episodes and the movie MASH that came out before the TV series did
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    The History Channel has two different channels one is called Military History channel it has plenty of stuff on World War Two. I watch the Military History Channel everyday now that I found it.
  3. Me too i went and saw the Colts play there a few times. I used too have Bert Jones autograph but i lost it. Lydell Mitchell was another one of my favorite Colt players.
  4. Actually all of the Constitution is important to me. Sounds like you hate America because of it. And if i am correct then Fuck You.
  5. Typical NObama supporter you can't spell it's lacking not laking
  6. Next years Super Bowl is going to be played in Indianapolis. Super Bowl 5 came down to a field goal or it would have gone into overtime. My two favorite Super Bowls were 41 and 18.
  7. The french did not stop the Blitzkrieg in 1940,They were overrun by the Germans.
  8. Living Loving Maid ( She's Just A Woman)------Led Zeppelin
  9. Its A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)-----AC/DC
  10. (Dont Fear)The Reaper---Blue Oyster Cult
  11. The Wind Cries Mary---Jimi Hendrix
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