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  1. Ive got a propasition, they can play in our garage for all the beer we got in fridge!
  2. I dont like any of the new music Im spossed to like. it SUCKS! like coldplay? no thanks. or fergie? I hate her. or wolfmother? they try to sound like zeppelin but they are not even close! Zeppelin crushes everbody. some pink floyd stuff is cool, but really i cant imagine anyone thinking they are greater than led zeppelin! I mean what else could I listen to? If you like Zeppelin what else is there?
  3. Are there any other live recordings of the yardbirds other than that one that made jimmy mad and he made that court stop that guy from putting that record out? The Anderson Theatre live one. Are there any good records of him with Jeff Beck?
  4. There isnt not anybody who is cooler than Mr. James Patrick Page OBE!
  5. OMG!!!!!! Multiple cameras!!! could this be the first look at the 3rd eye video thats spossed to be coming out???
  6. The solo to stairway, just so awesome. and KAshmir, sooooo gooood. and Good times bad times, because it was the frist song they heva played in 27 years!
  7. well,maybe not the best show ever, but still awesome! Its Zepelin! call me crazy but I like their performance. poorJimmy just seems so scarred. or nervuos thogh.
  8. Wow how can anyone choose? from 1) Dazed Communication You Shook me! GOD i luv it! from2) WLL HRTBRKER 3 sibly 4 blackdog 5 the song remains pg custard pie presence; als hots nfbm intod; sbs igc
  9. The only con is they probably wouldnt play anyhwehere near where I live!
  10. 1)I would love to hear him play blues with Buddy Guy 2) a mellow scorcher with Carlos Santana. (didnt he jam with lz in 1980??) 3) A rockabilly number with Brian setzer 4) A operetic number with brian May 5) a full on shred with joe satriani 6) a RAVE UP with Jeff beck call me crazy, but I would love to hear him back-up Tom Jones (again) like jeff beck did on that blues tv show. Tom can really sing the blues!
  11. I am just so thankful we got one more show. And a dvd i hope! one can dream. imagine, you could watch the RAH then the 02 back to back! That would be so awesome it is not even funnY! I am watcheing the Song emains the same ritght now the cosmic energy! yay bash!!!!
  12. Id love to see/hear in no real order.. the song remains the same the rover (full song) the lemon song the wanton song i cant quit you in the light night flight for your life hots on for nowhere how many more times thank you no quarter whole lotta love mess of the blues honey bee black dog
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