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  1. Greetings! Haven't seen you around lately...guess you've noticed the changes to the Forum, eh? I'm writing you a long-overdue pm at the moment...wait for it. :)

  2. merci d avoir accepté l invitation .un bonjour sous le soleil de Marseille

  3. Bonjour et merci :-)

  4. Thanks so very much, Strider :-)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLISON! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Seriously, I know you are hard at work over there in damp and rainy England, whilst I bathe in sunshine in your old stomping grounds, but I sincerely wish you a warm and wonderful birthday today! Three CHEERS for Allison: Hip-hip HOORAY! Hip-hip HOORAY! Hip-hip HOORAY!

  6. All's well here in Oxford, thanks!

  7. Hello Allison...everything cool? Are you okay? Tried to send a pm but hyour inbox is full.

  8. Goldfrapp at the Hammersmith Apollo Thurs. 'Twill be cool.

  9. Design for Living press night tomorrow!

  10. Home in Oxford working. Miss London :( Have to wait until at least Monday, alas.

  11. Sons of Albion Wed. Purple Turtle Camden. Should be cool. Saw them in Oxford a while back and they were fab.

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