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  1. AllisonAdler

    Past Lives

    In a non-cosmic, non-hippy, matter-of-fact sort of a way? I think I do, only because where I am now, I constantly have that very casual sense of complete familiarity one has with landscapes and places that one sees everyday only to realize that I've not been to those places before. A little more than déjà vu. Also, lots of very powerful, but quite unexpected connections to certain historical places and people (as if they impress upon one rather than being sought out). Just curious... I think we had this topic on the old board, but I don't see it on this one.
  2. Bonjour et merci :-)

  3. Thanks so very much, Strider :-)

  4. All's well here in Oxford, thanks!

  5. AllisonAdler


    Awww, it's really fab!!! Rather what one would expect from Jimmy in its aesthetic perfection, of course. Sheer loveliness. xx
  6. Goldfrapp at the Hammersmith Apollo Thurs. 'Twill be cool.

  7. Design for Living press night tomorrow!

  8. Home in Oxford working. Miss London :( Have to wait until at least Monday, alas.

  9. Sons of Albion Wed. Purple Turtle Camden. Should be cool. Saw them in Oxford a while back and they were fab.

  10. AllisonAdler

    Exclusive secret London show with the Band Of Joy!

    End of long night updating from mobile, ugh! Meant Rock N Roll.
  11. AllisonAdler

    Exclusive secret London show with the Band Of Joy!

    It was a great show, as was the one at the Forum tonight. I feel so lucky to have been to both! Thanks, Robert! Loved loved loved Houses of the Holy and Misty Mtn Hop. R&R fab also. All of the new numbers are soooooo good!
  12. Robert on Wednesday and Thursday!

  13. AllisonAdler

    Jimmy Page Sunday Times Interview

    'a voracious appetite for all things worldly and unworldly' *in best cheeky voice* Having a good time then, are we?
  14. Wow, Ayckbourn's Haunting Julia is an incredible play. Hope to see it performed someday. In the meantime, off to The Habit of Art at The National. And then Robt. next week!

  15. Martin Freeman in Clybourne Park at the Royal Court tomorrow.

  16. Earthquakes in London @ The National tomorrow :)

  17. Kasabian Thursday!!

  18. Hi! And happy belated birthday!

  19. AllisonAdler

    Jimmy Page to Release New Material this Year

    Seriously, anything would be just lovely!
  20. AllisonAdler

    Glastonbury wants you

    Looks like Gorillaz are taking the U2 spot: BBC news
  21. AllisonAdler

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

    Weeellll, it was the Pagette thread on the old board because it was where all the Pagettes hung out. That said, the pics you, budatoba, and everyone have been posting have been spectacular--lots, especially from budatoba, which I've never seen. Cheers! And Electrophile, on the hair, I thought I was the only one... Thanks for the classic couch!
  22. AllisonAdler

    What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    Really wish you could, too!!!!! Love is the Drug is awesome, TypeO. Of the big hits, I also love More than This.