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  1. There was not a Pagette thread on the old board, it was only the 'hot pictures.' I used to look at the old board. This thread would not be here if it wasn't for Lucia (Jimmy's A Legend).

    Weeellll, it was the Pagette thread on the old board because it was where all the Pagettes hung out. That said, the pics you, budatoba, and everyone have been posting have been spectacular--lots, especially from budatoba, which I've never seen. Cheers!

    And Electrophile, on the hair, I thought I was the only one...

    Thanks for the classic couch!

  2. No, I don't have hearing issue. Right or wrong, others have claimed to hear it also so I can't be too nuts. It's not a big deal people. Jeez.

    Jimmy's playing is just mind-blowing right at the moment in question, wow! I hear gentle, definitely, but can see how one could hear something else.

  3. Having been at the first two reunion gigs, I wholeheartedly agree - I never saw them so for me it was just amazing to have that chance to see them on stage. Being there you were so caught up in the excitement and it sounded great. Watching it on tape, yeah it may not have been their finest hour but who cares. It was the spirit of the moment to me.

    1995 is the Hall of Fame jam.

    Oh, wow, nine, I didn't know you were at the Atlantic reunion in '88--a really good friend of mine was there, too, and he also looks back on it with great affection.

  4. Hi AllisonAdler!

    You are in great luck!

    Eric and Steve are performing at Wembley Arena in London on May 20, 2010.

    They also are performing in Birmingham NEC Arena on May 18th.



    Edited to add: Looks like they are playing a second show at Wembley on May 21st.

    Ticket Info Here

    It was the best concert that I have ever been to!

    Oh, wow, thanks so much for the links! I'll definitely try for one of the Wembley shows. Awesome!

  5. So glad you enjoyed it! I had only seen Clapton once before I saw him and Steve Winwood last year. He played in a small club and did all blues numbers. Was brill! Jeff I also saw in a small club for the first time and was floored. I LOVE Moon River and yes, the SATC aspect is great ;) I wish I could have seen them together but happy you made it :D

    Thanks, nine! I love Steve Winwood--it would be great to see him and EC together sometime if they ever decide to do some more shows.

    Two drifters (or should that be twisters...? ;) )

  6. Saturday night at the O2 was fab! I was in the very front section, so had a great seat. Highlights for me were EC's smoking I Shot the Sheriff, which was very reggaed up and awesome, EC and JB's set opener, Shake Your Money Maker, and I must confess that I really did like Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffanys and SATC fans will appreciate). I'd never seen Clapton before, and I've always been a huge fan, so that was great, and it was cool to see Beck again--he's amazing! Will try to post pics in a bit.

    Also, I saw Brian May when I first walked in, and Ross Halfin during the show (at work photographing the EC/JB set), and Tracey Ullman (who was in my row).

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