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  1. Goldfrapp at the O2 Oxford (June) Roxy Music at Lovebox Festival (July) The Coral at Shepherds Bush (July) debating Fairport Convention Acoustic at the 100 Club next moth and Macca in Hyde Park in June...
  2. A lot of Magic Alex. Such a great band. Seriously, check them out: Magic Alex MySpace
  3. Jimmy's playing is just mind-blowing right at the moment in question, wow! I hear gentle, definitely, but can see how one could hear something else.
  4. Certainly worth it! Good to see you round here!
  5. Oh, now these remind one that, with a good colorist, the hair really does look better dark. Alas. eta: haha! 777th post
  6. He sure does, wow! And I love the photo he bought!
  7. These are lovely, aen, thanks for them. A question: where do they come from?
  8. Oh, wow, nine, I didn't know you were at the Atlantic reunion in '88--a really good friend of mine was there, too, and he also looks back on it with great affection.
  9. Oh, wow, thanks so much for the links! I'll definitely try for one of the Wembley shows. Awesome!
  10. Thanks, nine! I love Steve Winwood--it would be great to see him and EC together sometime if they ever decide to do some more shows. Two drifters (or should that be twisters...? )
  11. Saturday night at the O2 was fab! I was in the very front section, so had a great seat. Highlights for me were EC's smoking I Shot the Sheriff, which was very reggaed up and awesome, EC and JB's set opener, Shake Your Money Maker, and I must confess that I really did like Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffanys and SATC fans will appreciate). I'd never seen Clapton before, and I've always been a huge fan, so that was great, and it was cool to see Beck again--he's amazing! Will try to post pics in a bit. Also, I saw Brian May when I first walked in, and Ross Halfin during the show (at work photographing the EC/JB set), and Tracey Ullman (who was in my row).
  12. 'Tis indeed! And hi FireOpal, Ev, Kat, and Valerie I sure do miss the good old days
  13. Thanks! It's a 1930s bay window semi, but it has lots of Victorian and early 20thC things in it
  14. Finally got this, and I have to say, it is easily one of the best interviews Jimmy's ever given--really interesting and completely substantial. The Bring it on Home section is fantastic. I wonder if working on this photo autobiography has something to do with the fact that lately, all of his interviews have been much more engaged and engaging--a return to that marvelous richness of thought and expression you see so much of in the 60s and early 70s. Really looking forward to the book!
  15. Definitely--and it could be that one's own experiences draw one to particular times and places, and then that turns into a feeling of familiarity.
  16. In a non-cosmic, non-hippy, matter-of-fact sort of a way? I think I do, only because where I am now, I constantly have that very casual sense of complete familiarity one has with landscapes and places that one sees everyday only to realize that I've not been to those places before. A little more than déjà vu. Also, lots of very powerful, but quite unexpected connections to certain historical places and people (as if they impress upon one rather than being sought out). Just curious... I think we had this topic on the old board, but I don't see it on this one.
  17. Happy birthday! Many happy returns and all the best wishes for your plans this year! --AAK
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