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  1. What an odd thing to say! I thought this was rather more communicative than usual...?
  2. And happy hols to you, FireOpal!!!! It's great to see you here, too! Yeah, it's just a trial to be here (NOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!). No, seriously, it's everything I'd hoped for--I'm so happy to be here I have to pinch myself on a regular basis to make sure it's real. Let me know if you hop across the pond! Can't wait to see Jimmy play in the new year
  3. Indeed! And hmmmmm, perhaps another visit to the O2 for the Clapton and Beck shows in Feb. will be quite worthwhile...
  4. It is a bit on the side, and now pouring rain! I love it all, though!
  5. A bit icy here in Oxford, but it's been a beautiful week all the same. Rather glad I'm not in Kent, though!
  6. And finally a UK one: 07593997056

  7. Great show last night. JPJ and Dave Grohl have a fab rapport--I really enjoyed them!
  8. He's right that it was freezing inside, though! I had to put my gloves on half an hour in! And it does sound as though there's been something of a plague of people with things to sign of late. It must get more than a little tiresome...especially when it so often seems just cynically done to make money on ebay.
  9. AllisonAdler

    A big project?

    On the other hand, without JPJ and Jason, which necessarily leads to the Robert issue, there will be much less pressure. A lot of great playing from Jimmy in IMGL, especially the thing he was working on at the beginning of the film, so I have some real hope anyway. It sure would be fab to see him out here playing.
  10. Thanks, nine and Hotplant! And yep, infinitely happier on this side of the pond
  11. Thanks indeed for posting. I was lucky enough to go and it was so great to see Jimmy! Loved the black skinnies, btw. Back again for TCV at the same venue on Thurs. A very good Zeppelin week!
  12. Some lovely photos in these past few pages, especially the ones from the P/P tourbook. But here to say, as one needs to do from time to time: Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the utter goofery of it.
  13. Just wanted to say that Sons of Albion were awesome tonight in Oxford. Everyone here in the UK should go see them! They're in Reading next week
  14. Sons of Albion at The Bullingdon, Oxford Then TCV in Birmingham and in London next month. Can't wait!
  15. ^ Oh, then we're neighbors! I love the Ashmolean! And was just next to the RC for a class yesterday
  16. Pardon the intrusion, girls, on the part of a Gen X lady. Hi Jimmy!!!!!! Am pleased to say I am now in Oxon. Beautiful autumn--almost have to pinch myself whenever I go outdoors. Hoping to see you round the Southeast at some TCV shows and such. xoxo And for the girls whose thread I've invaded: I have to add that I am regularly in the company of someone who looks just like Jimmy in this photo. Too bad I don't go in for the cougar thing!
  17. It was indeed a tough one! I had the same trouble. See you there
  18. Hi all--finally moving to the UK next month and just picked up tix for the Birmingham show. Hoping to get Hammersmith Apollo tonight (fingers crossed!).
  19. Oh, that is just so sweet of you, Strider
  20. Totally!!!! :hurrah: :cheer:
  21. Awww, Strider, you can always come visit too!
  22. Haha, indeed! Train travel is really fun if you aren't in a hurry--something I discovered schlepping back and forth from Kensington to Oxford when I was house-hunting in April. On one (rather crucial) trip, we had to go 30 mph for the last 20 miles because one of the cars had some silly thing wrong with it. Well, I did get to enjoy the countryside... And yep, ldw, I'm moving to Oxford.
  23. I do feel lucky, I must say (sorry, nine You can always come for a visit...) ! And yes, I have high hopes for the Great Western line between Oxford and London.
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