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  1. Oh! I guess I took Jonesy at his word--he always sounds so earnest!
  2. All good ideas! But do you mean they have decided (since Sunday when JPJ gave that interview and said they still had no idea), or do you mean, for all you know, they have perhaps already decided...?
  3. Fab!!!!! Thanks for posting this, Aqua! Can't wait to hear it!
  4. Is the person who started this thread really, really bored?
  5. The endless naysaying is getting a bit boring. Steve Tyler is actually perfect for the funky groove that Jimmy and Jonesy have always had, and that Jason has also cultivated with great success. People who, despite the guys' own wishes, want the Js to become an LZ tribute band can continue to be hung up on whether the person who ends up singing with them sounds like Robert or not. The rest of us will enjoy the show, when it comes.
  6. Does it not occur to you that JPJ is at liberty to speak on the subject because he's actually in the band? And as Aqua pointed out, even he doesn't know what the story is yet.
  7. It's certainly more reliable than The Sun! Hah, I thought the Tyler rumours were a joke--he might be quite great, imho.
  8. Titus Andronicus and Chaucer's Wife of Bath's Tale for classes, and Derek Wilson's The Uncrowned Kings of England, which is about the Dudleys (as in Robert, earl of Leicester). All good!
  9. There are also some great cable series, like The Tudors, Primeval, Top Gear, Coupling (reruns, alas), Foyle's War, to name just a very few, and then all the things on PBS, like the revamped Masterpiece Theatre (the newest one, The Last Enemy, is really good), The News Hour, Washington Week, and I could go on...
  10. I think it's cathartic--seeing blood and guts, cutting, etc. I'm really squeamish, though, and actually watch GA despite the medical drama, entirely for the Ellen Pompeo-Patrick Dempsey chemistry, which is amazing (if only evil Shonda could be persuaded to recognize this, ugh). Pet peeve of the day: students who can't make or miss class and then expect you to repeat lecture for them personally. Get the notes from a classmate, little ones!!!!
  11. Oh, I agree, it's a great show! GA has a very different purpose, though.
  12. *sorry for the following rant* I hate people who watch Grey's Anatomy and don't like MerDer, and then complain about them all the effing time. Go find another show, losers. People who watch GA for the medical cases need to go watch House or something. Seriously.
  13. Ok, but I was responding to your saying that you weren't giving up...
  14. If Jimmy isn't into it, why would you continue to pursue it and draw attention to yourself? Also, isn't it a little indecorous to broadcast private communications? I guess people will have their 15 minutes, but it's a little gross to use LZ to do it, imho.
  15. It was there this summer when I went up to see RP/AK at the Greek...
  16. We do! Even though we live in a very populated, suburban area, we have a lady bobcat who has had a few litters and a big dad who rolls around from time to time. They aren't afraid of anything and wander around the neighborhood at dusk quite a lot. It's so cool! We have quite a coyote population as well, though that means keeping all house cats indoors.
  17. Watch from about 9:00 on, esp. from 9:24: Awwwwwwwwwwwww, those were the days. May they return someday soon.
  18. Watching one of our young neighborhood bobcats saunter down the street, wiggle its tail, and pounce on something in the bushes. Such a gorgeous creature!
  19. No worries at all, Del. I did get the Benson/Quayle part (am so old that I watched it when it happened...)! And I have had my own bust-ups with Elizabeth--I just thought she was trying to be more civilized these days, which, if so, is a good thing, to be encouraged, etc. But Gainsbarre, seriously--this is the problem with bannings and returns. I had no idea! And I have to say, I don't appreciate people telling me to ignore old friends. Caribou Barbie :lol: Cheers.
  20. Ok, sorry if I misread you here, but I really do take issue with what you said about 10 year old girls commenting on pro football and such like (as if girls can't understand football, even at tender ages--I certainly could)--even if you meant it in jest. So, I couldn't help but think that the big praise of Hermit vs. Elizabeth was rather gendered as well. I'm not impressed by support for Palin given how much of an embarrassment to womankind she is, and I find it a bit gross when people mention her in the same sentence as Hillary Clinton. Hardly likely we'll agree on this, but, to reasonable debate: And oh no, I've been cooking all night already.
  21. ^Actually, Del, Elizabeth's posts in this thread have been reasonable and intelligent, and I really find the sexism lurking beneath what you say to her (and other women) here and in other threads disturbing. There are times when I think you're a decent person behind all of the crankiness, but lately, I just don't know...
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