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  1. i did get a ticket.....i bought one off ebay which means i broke the law!!!! i will be working and going to uni 7 days a week to pay for it.....do i mind? no, i consider myself very lucky to have seen the show! i'm simply trying to start a debate to get something done about this ridiculous situation. and you may say it's life, i dont. i try to do something about a bad situation, not just whine about it.
  2. i agree, good intentions, bad planning. and i know that some will get lucky and most will get shafted. i saw the show so i am one of the lucky ones. i'm sure i will get bent over and spread em again but if you say nothing and take it, it will never end. unfortunately money is power, not desire, and that my good man is the problem, it is bullsh*t. Kate Moss is not a bigger zep fan than my friend who is still miserable about the whole affair
  3. ggrea point. i was at the gig and it was full of people who i wouldn't consider fans at all.........a great shame!
  4. ok it may not be that important but i wanted people to read it, and putting IMPORTANT sure grabs attention! i do believe we were shafted though and if people dont speak up then we will be shafted again...and again....and again! and i'm sorry i missed this discussion months ago but i was trying to do something about it then, not simply discuss it.
  5. well america helped make led zeppelin the legends they are now. we really blew our chance to let them know how much they're loved, if you get the chance (which you definately should) dont ruin it!!
  6. no, not a mosh pit. just some genuine/ deserved appreciation of a great band. dont get me wrong i saw many people having a great time, but the honest truth is that stood ten feet from the stage i have been in many better crowds with better atmosphere's for lesser bands. lesser band with more passionate followings it seems......that is a little sad in my opinion
  7. i do agree that maybe they wouldn't have played without HG. if it was him that made this happen then fair play to him. but i'd be very suprised if he was the reason the show happened in the first place. i think that homor belongs to the respect they had for Ahmet Ertegun
  8. that's fine, so long as you are a fan, not one of the many zombies who were at the show!
  9. This is an open letter to anyone interested in the farce that was created around the Led Zeppelin gig. This is my opinion of a ridiculous situation, created almost entirely by one man. I was one of the unlucky fans who wasn’t worthy of seeing the band through Harvey Goldsmith’s ‘fan ballot’! I entered over 30 of my friends and family’s names addresses etc as I was so desperate to go, with no joy (I would like to think I can consider myself a ‘real‘ Led Zeppelin fan). I then followed Harvey’s great advice not to buy a passcode as it wouldn’t work (another lie, because they worked just fine!!). Around this time I emailed Mr Goldsmith’s office on 4 occasions for advice and help, needless to say every email was ignored. No advice, no help, not even a polite f**k off! By this time I was a desperate man, with mo means of seeing the worlds greatest band I was beginning to have the odd sleepless night, and could see the grey hairs beginning to sprout! In my desperation I bought a very nice guy’s spare ticket off ebay for over £600 (more than 3 months wage for me, a poor music student who can only work part time!) When the gig finally happened I made my way to the front (aprox 10 feet from the barrier on Sir Page’s side of the stage) to my horror and disgust I found I was left to stand next to hundreds of people who looked like they were at a funeral! No screaming or shouting, no dancing or singing, some not even clapping, just looking blankly. I mean you don’t need to be as animated as me, but you must at least let these musical gods know that they are truly loved and worshipped. Most of the people near me spent half of the gig watching Brian May boogie the night away……. Now he is a legend, but f*** me, we were there to see the greatest band of all time play for the first time in almost 20 years, not watch celebs enjoy the gig!! I personally blame this whole situation squarely on the shoulders of messer Goldsmith. You, my friend are a joke! You didn’t want tout’s to get hold of the tickets (fair enough) but in doing so you made sure that 99% of the true Led Zeppelin fans couldn’t attend this once in a lifetime event! The man who sold me my ticket wasn’t even a massive fan! He didn’t own all the records etc, but he simply typed his details into the ballot and won a passcode. Obviously this in Mr Goldsmiths eyes makes him a true fan! He only bought the tickets because his boss told him he’d be ‘mad if he didn’t‘!!! This chap then got paid £500 to watch the show while a million other Zep heads cried/ contemplated suicide. So you see, if touts had got hold of the 18,000 tickets (which they most certainly wouldn‘t), supply and demand dictates the tickets would have sold for much cheaper than us real fans had to pay off ebay. Which in turn means that many true fan’s may have been able to attend. I’m sure if the crowd was full of true fans who paid £250 for a ticket, then it wouldn’t have seemed like a morgue for half the gig, and the band would have got the reception they richly deserved. People like my friend (a true hardcore fan) would have been able to go. My friend looked like he was about to cry at points in this shitty situation he was forced into. He looked for loans etc but the truth was that (at £600 minimum per ticket) he wouldn’t have been able to afford his rent if he bought a ticket, and would have been out on the street, so thanks to Mr Goldsmiths wonderful policy he stayed home feeling sick, while Kate Moss and the like sipped champagne and watched a band they probably don’t really care about . To the God’s Led Zeppelin, first of all, thank you for an AMAZING show, you were just awesome and you haven’t lost it! Secondly, it is my belief that you (like us) were sold out. You could have played to a crowd of the biggest fans who I’m sure would have literally blown you away, if the ballot had been deemed them fit enough to go. Instead you were watched by (in my opinion) 20% REAL fans, and 80% Sunday supporters who were just glad they won a ticket and couldn‘t turn down the opportunity to see you!! I’m sure we could have forced the guys to play more shows by showing them just how much we loved them! If every person in that arena screamed their names at the top of their voices the roof would have came off….. Instead it stayed firmly bolted on. If the guys do some more shows (which I believe they must) then they deserve to be watched by a much better crowd, a crowd full of hardcore fans who actually got the opportunity to watch them play. This gig really should have been the best atmosphere at just about any gig ever. Well for me, it was the worst. Never before has such a great band played to such a poor crowd. If they do choose to play again, it’s not because we made them, which is sad! So guy’s, if you do tour again please do NOT employ messer Goldsmith to promote it! He sold us all out this time, and I certainly don’t trust him to sort the job out next time. I’m sure most of the people who attended the gig wont share my opinion (they won tickets, and were very happy), but the I’m sure the millions upon millions of fans who were robbed of the opportunity to see you rock will. So come on fans of Led Zeppelin it’s time to march, it’s time to speak up. If you agree with me lets find a way of letting sirs Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham know that if they give real fans the opportunity to see them, we will not let them down this time and will repay the favour by giving them the atmosphere their amazing music really deserves. p.s sorry about the length of the post, but some things need to be said!!!
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