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  1. i did get a ticket.....i bought one off ebay which means i broke the law!!!! i will be working and going to uni 7 days a week to pay for it.....do i mind? no, i consider myself very lucky to have seen the show! i'm simply trying to start a debate to get something done about this ridiculous situation. and you may say it's life, i dont. i try to do something about a bad situation, not just whine about it.
  2. i agree, good intentions, bad planning. and i know that some will get lucky and most will get shafted. i saw the show so i am one of the lucky ones. i'm sure i will get bent over and spread em again but if you say nothing and take it, it will never end. unfortunately money is power, not desire, and that my good man is the problem, it is bullsh*t. Kate Moss is not a bigger zep fan than my friend who is still miserable about the whole affair
  3. ggrea point. i was at the gig and it was full of people who i wouldn't consider fans at all.........a great shame!
  4. ok it may not be that important but i wanted people to read it, and putting IMPORTANT sure grabs attention! i do believe we were shafted though and if people dont speak up then we will be shafted again...and again....and again! and i'm sorry i missed this discussion months ago but i was trying to do something about it then, not simply discuss it.
  5. well america helped make led zeppelin the legends they are now. we really blew our chance to let them know how much they're loved, if you get the chance (which you definately should) dont ruin it!!
  6. no, not a mosh pit. just some genuine/ deserved appreciation of a great band. dont get me wrong i saw many people having a great time, but the honest truth is that stood ten feet from the stage i have been in many better crowds with better atmosphere's for lesser bands. lesser band with more passionate followings it seems......that is a little sad in my opinion
  7. i do agree that maybe they wouldn't have played without HG. if it was him that made this happen then fair play to him. but i'd be very suprised if he was the reason the show happened in the first place. i think that homor belongs to the respect they had for Ahmet Ertegun
  8. that's fine, so long as you are a fan, not one of the many zombies who were at the show!
  9. This is an open letter to anyone interested in the farce that was created around the Led Zeppelin gig. This is my opinion of a ridiculous situation, created almost entirely by one man. I was one of the unlucky fans who wasn’t worthy of seeing the band through Harvey Goldsmith’s ‘fan ballot’! I entered over 30 of my friends and family’s names addresses etc as I was so desperate to go, with no joy (I would like to think I can consider myself a ‘real‘ Led Zeppelin fan). I then followed Harvey’s great advice not to buy a passcode as it wouldn’t work (another lie, because they worked just fine
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