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  1. Love Noel's comment. Not a fan of Oasis, but there's a gem of truth in it from another Rock and Roller. And typical British humor. Jimmy IS the keeper of the Band's legacy - that's his boon and bane. While JPJ and Robert have really moved on, Jimmy's stuck in his Deluxe re-issue sandbox. The hardcore fans who are the ones here, need more. Suggestions: # 1: Jimmy needs to start an open source project and open whatever's left to the public. This forum is a starting point # 2: Stop making money from the music. Reward the fans. # 3: Get another producer in and let go of
  2. http://www.vogue.com/12008183/interview-noel-gallagher-chasing-yesterday/ Noel shares his thoughts on Jimmy
  3. All the comments here are spot on. ITOD was a sign of things to come. The band was clearly experimenting much more although they ended up with a "softer" album. Robert's singing style had changed and Jimmy wasn't as dominant. Presence I had a problem with in terms of the mix. Incredibly flat. The fact that Page did it in some supercharged span of time doesn't make it the best Zep album although he recalls it as his favorite. So subjective. ITOD by contrast, had no real ownership. Times were changing and the group, to their credit, was evolving. But anything was better than Coda.
  4. Jimmy should focus on making new music but nice of him to delve into the archives...
  5. Thanks for posting. Second guitar is great. Roger Daltrey rocks it pretty good and very respectably!
  6. You're right. He's trying to teach technique. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a particularly nice voice and sounds pretty ugh
  7. I agree. I feel that Plant was under a lot of pressure onstage - he just wasn't sure when his voice would cut it, or not. Also the cigarettes, booze, late nights, whatever....When Jimmy did some impromptu encores at times like Communication Breakdown at Knebworth - Plant was ok and did his best to improvise. Methinks Plant thinks too much. He sings much better when he's in the zone.
  8. Excellent. Thanks. Always felt that Plant's ongoing up-and-down battle with his high notes were mainly psychological...he could hit them if he wanted to. Page-Plant had some great performances and even Robert's solo tours leading up to the reunion in the early 1990s showed he could still belt it out. It was more a matter of whether he was in the mood.
  9. That was a good tour. Saw RP in Michigan. In fine form. The Mission UK were the opening act and they were really uninspiring. I recall the singer Wayne Hussey kind of moaning or murmuring through his vocals. Robert was great in comparison. Did Misty Mountain Hop, Black Country Woman, and I can't recall what else from the Zep catalogue...he needs to have fun again in his solo career and cut loose a bit. I still have a teeshirt from the tour...still sitting in my cupboard and wondering if anyone would want it on Ebay...
  10. Ronnie Wood looked almost the same back in '75...great recording
  11. John Paul Jones' "Chilli Sauce" is a dire track! Trampled Underfoot is the closest thing to Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and probably the nearest to a dance track. "Fool in the Rain" is latin / samba - not disco. Nothing that Zep did was disco. I think their fans would have started burning their records if they tried. Remember Queen's "Hot Space" album? But that was Freddie Mercury indulging himself.
  12. He did sing a snatch of it during his solo tour back in 1987 or 1988...at the end of one of his songs. Could have been "Tall Cool One." Jimmy Page did it during his Outrider Tour and with the Black Crowes....of course there are probably no mannerisms to observe.
  13. The point is moot. Even if he did splice it from 10 tapes - I don't think he would've needed to. He could easily have played it - as he's done live over and over.
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