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  1. Thanks for posting. Second guitar is great. Roger Daltrey rocks it pretty good and very respectably!
  2. You're right. He's trying to teach technique. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a particularly nice voice and sounds pretty ugh
  3. That was a good tour. Saw RP in Michigan. In fine form. The Mission UK were the opening act and they were really uninspiring. I recall the singer Wayne Hussey kind of moaning or murmuring through his vocals. Robert was great in comparison. Did Misty Mountain Hop, Black Country Woman, and I can't recall what else from the Zep catalogue...he needs to have fun again in his solo career and cut loose a bit. I still have a teeshirt from the tour...still sitting in my cupboard and wondering if anyone would want it on Ebay...
  4. The point is moot. Even if he did splice it from 10 tapes - I don't think he would've needed to. He could easily have played it - as he's done live over and over.
  5. The problem / criticism around the album was never around Jimmy Page - it was directed at David Coverdale. At his peak, Coverdale garnered ridicule for pouting in Whitesnake's videos as we all know - even as Robert Plant was reviving his own solo career ( and taking pot shots at Coverdale. ) To be honest and fair to Coverdale, I've never compared him to Plant. They are so different vocally - in terms of range and tone, that only idiots would compare them. With the perspective of time, many of us know where Zep's influences came from and no-one accuses them of being soundalikes. Coverdale's great failing - and why he falls short of the greats - is his superficial lyric writing. The downfall of Coverdale-Page is that the lyrics lack the depth and ingenuity (and perhaps honesty) of what Robert Plant would have done. At worse, they're banal. But getting Jimmy off his butt to record something made the whole effort worthwhile. It's not going to go down in history...but so what.
  6. Not much of a mystery...it seems typical that this would happen. Everyone was switching labels earler in that decade or later. The Stones, Aerosmith, etc...The Firm may have had something to do with it, but I do recall Geffen was pretty progressive as a label in those days. Led Zep's back catalogue was still selling no doubt, but maybe the floodgates hadn't kicked in yet?
  7. Interesting...does that count reprints?? My guess would be 15 - 30 based on what I've seen over the years. 119??
  8. I think I was more into Joe Satriani at the time of Outrider, which didn't knock me out instrumentally. It felt like something was missing. No offense to anyone here, but it was a little flat somehow for me. I think Coverdale Page and the Firm were more my cup of tea. Page kicked butt on those albums. I've been waiting for Page to come up with a follow up album but one can only surmise that the fire is gone??
  9. good thread...i'm of the pre plant 1973 fan club...
  10. great stuff. the reporter sounds a bit righteous if school marmish...
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