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  1. Great. Zeppelin as a parody of themselves...Plant would go nuts and criticize Page, Jones, and Bonham. Finding a singer to sing Zep tunes and new material is fine. Jack Russell would, undoubtely, love to emulate Plant, (He usually does during live shows) but I think Jimmy and John Paul would soil there legacy by touring with Russell, this also would open them to unecessary criticism...especially from the fans and Plant himself.
  2. Was cranking on some "Worse than Detroit" today...After that I cranked out some "One More Cup of Coffee" the Dylan song from Dreamland.
  3. I've always loved Robert. His body language with the Zep questions exposes his uncomfortable feeling with Zep as always. Robert doesn't want to be part of the 'Geezer touring circuit' ALA The Stones. Reading between the lines I sense he doesn't want to be remembered as 'The voice of Led Zep' He wants to be remembered for someone who took music too a different 'station' at each stop to use an analogy. Allison is his "flavor of the day" He will follow through with this project with her as he should, but in the end will do one last round with Zep before stepping away for good...I believe he was blown away about the O2. Emotionally and otherwise. It was bigger than he even imagined--and more fun too! I've said that in other posts. He'll do more Zep, but it must be with a new slant and new material. Otherwise he'll feel as though he's just doing the same old same old and not taking the music further than he found it. Robert is a true artist, Artistic people tend to revisit their roots on occasion-but always want to move things forward. Robert doesn't want to be 'typecast' as an 'one track musician who only succeded from being part of something like Zep'. He wants to be remembered as so much more.---and fondly so. To use another analogy- He doesn't want to be William Shatner's Capt. Kirk or Mark Hamil's Luke Skywalker He wants to be remembered for being so much more...Harrison Ford became more than Han Solo. Robert wants to be remembered for being more than the frontman for Zep. Hey Robert--if you do ever look at this forum-You are looked at as so much more my friend....So much more.
  4. Heartbreaker for me too. WLL just doesn't do it for me. Great song. But in NYC metro-area it's been overplayed forever! Heartbreaker's solo and riff is/are/were just incredible.
  5. Today, I cranked out Far Post...I bought that movie CD (Don't even remember the movie name LOL!)--I don't believe I ever saw it, just because it was on there. Excellent piano on it. Anyone know who played piano on it?
  6. In my opinion one of his very best...Slow Dancer- I've also been cranking Sixes and Sevens today while cleaning up!
  7. Thanks for the clip. I will be 41 in June and never had the pleasure of seeing the "Mighty Zep" in their heyday (so sad) My older brother had promised to get tix and take me to a show in '80--we all know how that turned out. I had the distinct pleasure of my first concert being a front row show. I worked at an amusement park in Jersey and my boss was a huge Zep fan who got tix for Robert Plant for us front row MSG- I had seat A-14. At that time he got it through a ticket "service" and we paid $125 in '83! I'd have to dig for the stub to confirm the exact date. You can never top the feeling of being front row. We also took a limo. How could a 16 year old ever top that? I saw Plant 2 nights later 2nd row at the Spectrum. (That tix was only $100) LOL! I've never been able to top that feeling and believe only seeing the "Boys" from up close like you did would top it. You need to try and run that vid and sound through ProTools however-I had to turn the sound down and watch the visual-The sound made it unlistenable. Congrats on a great experience though...I can only dream that soon many others-including myself-will be able to experience that feeling and joy. It must've been otherworldly-like dying and going to heaven-In London! Thanks for the chance to feel that feeling again...If only for a second! And thanks for sharing!
  8. Memory song is about Page. He 's screaming Jimmy at the end. I also read something about that previously a long time ago...
  9. Who wouldn't want new material as Led Zeppelin? Do you think if they thought it wasn't up to their personal standards they would release it? Something forced and contrived. These guys wouldn't do that. Some people in this thread opinionate that it's "Like cheating on Bonzo" or that it would be a cash grab like the Stones -"Please don't call it Led Zeppelin" That's insane. If these gents wanted a cash grab they could've done it with incessant touring years ago. The three surviving members of The Greatest Rock Band on earth may do an album of new material nearly 30 years after their last with their deceased dear friend's son-who by the way-plays the same instrument professionally and is an excellent musician in his own right-and they can't call it Led Zeppelin? I suppose then they should've hyped the O2 show as something other than Led Zeppelin? Should they have taken the name "The New Yardbirds" or "The Moondogs" and done the show? John Henry Bonham died in 1980. Not Led Zeppelin- It's alive and vibrant- Just go put on a disc and listen to it. The music stands by itself and transcends time. These gents own that name-and if they decide Jason should be inclusive in that name isin't it their say so? Who are we too say it can't or shouldn't be released as Led Zeppelin-Do we own exclusive fan rights to decide-Are we the conscience off Mssrs. Page, Plant, Jones and young Mr. Bonham? Somewhere-in another dimension John Henry is kicked back with his chest popped out saying "That's my boy- He's sittin' in for me-I can't do it-But I want him to!" Wouldn't you want your own son to carry on the family business with your old associates? Just my opinion....Please don't take it to harshly.
  10. I think the lack of news regarding the whole situation bodes well. Plant has said repeatedly No. But I get the sense he was blown away by the adulation and even more blown away by how the O2 went. I believe that he wants the hysteria to die down and get a hold of himself emotionally. This whole thing seems to have been very emotional for all these guys. The RS interview indicates that he was really into it-More than he believed possible. He seems real proud of the Krauss stuff-as well he should be-it's good stuff. As for Page-Jimmy is and always will be focused on Led Zeppelin. And why not? It was he who really brought the four together. He's so proud of everything Zeppelin did-musically. And he should be. They traversed across musical genres and influenced everyone! It's been his baby and he's seen it grow up into something even he couldn't have imagined. He would play with Jones and Plant on stage in a wheelchair if they'd play with him. Having Jason there just brings everything together perfectly in his mind. As for Jonesy-John Paul was obviously hurt by the Plant/Page collaboration. It seems likely the origins of the riff came from something between he and Robert. And then when Pagey didn't let him know prior to it-He became angry with him too. Jonesy has done some excellent musical work-especially with his solo projects-proving that he was and always will be the creative musician needed to really make a true Zeppelin reunion work properly. In my opinion, his creativity was what was missing from the Plant/Page collaboration Walking into Clarksdale-an album that had it's moments but was dissapointing in the sense that it just didn't seem to have the aura and raw emotion that makes each Zep album a must listen from beggining to end. He seems to want to do it...but seems to be unable to trust wholly that he won't be hurt again or worse-not allowed to express himself enough through any new material. As far as Jason-He'd do it in a minute-Jason, 1st and foremost is a fan just like all of us. He just would want the time and date of the studio and he'd be waiting like he was in line for a concert. He should step out from his Dad's shadow. Nobody will ever play the skins again like John Henry-Jason should just play how JASON plays it. Not how Daddy plays it. He's a excellent drummer in his own right. So I think you will see new material later this year in my opinion and select dates-not a tour-Glastonbury-Bonnaroo-Some dates in LA and NY and Chicago and London and maybe a few in Europe as well-but limited dates-not a tour in the traditional sense.
  11. After seeing the setlist and the various UTUBE vids my top 5 would be obscure. For Your Life was the definite "treat of the night" but 5 I would like would be... 1. Tea For One-That beggining riff is great-What a bluesy crawler with exceptional Page leads. 2. Carouselambra-It would be a showoff piece for Jonesy and Plant. 3. In The Light- Exudes raw bluesy power and majesty. 4. Hots on for Nowhere-Saw Pagey do this with the Crowes-It was incredible! 5. The Rover- What a riff..."and the flag we're flyin'-is the new flag on the land!"
  12. But Monsters and Critics is reporting this-Hope it's true! Link: http://people.monstersandcritics.com/news/...cle_1382356.php
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