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  1. The last part is really great too, the way Plant sings to the girl, the way he repeats how much he loves her 'AAAAND I love you Darlene, yeessss I love you, I do' it's just great. And the piano and guitar solo and drums, all so great!!!
  2. This whole thing I'm writing is making me feel a bit silly, I got my opinion anyway and I think the court will decide the same, but I would just like to add that the court would have to decide on the percentage of notes obviously, as they would neither be necessarily in a (long enough) sequence, neither would there always be the same amount of notes.
  3. Don't know if this was posted here already(listen after 35 seconds), but this one is even closer than Taurus and Cry me a river and is in a way another example of something that can't get royalties from Zep anymore and also another example of something that is not completely similar. In the second video there are more examples, Page is actually part of the last two-Cartoone and Page-Beck. I think the main problem we are talking about here is that someone concrete is suing and that is someone who is suing as probably last in line before Zep, to use this similar idea. So now what? There are other similar examples, but someone who still got it protected is suing. It was released before Led Zeppelin IV and Page heard it. Now what? I don't think it's similar enough, many think so, the court though so the first time and there are other similar or even more similar examples. I think the only point here is that no matter how the court decides it's still just an opinion(although royalties and reputation are at stake), so the only reasonable thing for this court to do something useful would be, to establish some general rule about this, if it's possible. Like when you got a very similar chord progression, meter and picking pattern, as well as quite many same notes. They would basically have to say exactly how many notes is enough and that might perhaps already be exactly established and it would probably be quite easy for any artist to avoid trouble, so I might be bullshitting, but it doesn't seem so.
  4. It's perfectly true that Zeppelin based quite some of their most successful motives on other songwriters 'song details' and parts which they managed to turn into much more successful full compositions and their legacy is forever tarnished. It is also true that other very successful artists base their songs a lot less on such fully fledged musical motives, but much more just on chords, melodies and lyrics, while the intros, outros, solos and underlying (mini) melodies are often variations of the vocal melodies, but whatever they are and however those artist managed to be inspired by other people's music, they were still usually more original then Zeppelin.
  5. Well I might have stated quite a bit differently in the past, but here it goes: I think there is a substantial difference between the two passages and listening to the recording probably won't change that! I think it's not similar enough, so I would still call Led Zeppelin original in terms of writing the intro, especially when you consider Bach(who can't get any royalties anymore) and Davy Graham's Cry me a river(who wrote a specific instrumental arrangement of the song, that has a vocal melody quite similar to Stairway; and Graham's relatives could still get something) also were an influence. But the question is always, how much is enough on a dying planet? And how much money and fame and glory is enough? Some get a lot in life cause they are very agile, some get almost nothing, while they obviously contributed quite a chunk to Stairway to heaven intro, copyrighted it before Zeppelin and could still get royalties and affirmation. Everybody has to make up their own opinion, but the court makes the decision about royalties and affirmation and I think Skidmore would have a stronger case, if his attorney would talk about contribution and more fair distribution of wealth, rather than perhaps just claiming it too much on Skidmore and getting his piece of the pie. Let's not all be childish, there were obviously rather similar things copyrighted before Stairway and claiming stubbornly Led Zeppelin were totally original is ridicuolus, infact they were rather strongly inspired by various compositions and especially Taurus.
  6. Contact God! No offense, wish all best to your son!
  7. A great band from the eighties from Slovenia called Shank rock, I absolutely love this ballad, one of my favourite songs ever, soooo beautiful:
  8. This was discussed a lot already on the forum and I think they should have taken a break in October 1972 already and then make each tour short enough and each break long enough for Roberts voice to stay intact. I think the problem was that those were the early pioneer days of big rock and roll bands and the management wasn't that complex and developed and also you must know that the decisions about music were left to the band and how the band sounds, including Robert's voice was therefore perhaps not the decision of the management. Now why Robert alone didn't take a break and shortened the tours for medical and musical reasons we will never know. Partly it's probably just the excess and the ego and to keep the show going, partly he was maybe actually unaware of how permanent the problem will be and partly somebody once mentioned his middle class mentality about it, which is to keep going while it lasts.
  9. Well to be honest, so am I! Especially if it's studio footage, but live performaces were ofcourse so varied and visually spectacular I would certainly like to see more of that too in pro quality, I just think there just isn't much available and I don't think they will use low quality footage for a top documentary like this. Still they might surprise us with a few good clips, perhaps studio clips and photos, some of it from pre Zep era. I just honestly don't think that if anything would be left, that it wouldn't be released already considering how high regarded the band is now and I think the problem is that in the 70's bands didn't record them that much or atleast not Led Zeppelin, it came along latter in the 80's and 90's. I think the O2 is very important in terms of having a really good show recorded in a good way although the editing is weird, constant shifting of cameras. Maybe we will get more of that, doesn't exactly fit the 68-70 era though.
  10. I think it will be quite a detailed documentary about their maturation as musicians, about their musical influences and about the first two albums. No unseen old footage or stories about excess are nedeed in such a musical documentary, so being about all the albums would be good though.
  11. Great news, but I really don't understand why some of you are so interested in seeing unreleased clips, that's not really a point of a musical documentary, it's about bringing new insights into the music and musicians that created it. We have seen pretty much all the footage and most importantly heard all the bootlegs, so I would much preffer them talking about their musical heroes and how they got together and about the first two albums(even of I would like to hear them talk about all of them like in the MTV Rockumentary but more in detail). I still wouldn't mind some new footage from the studio sessions but even that is not as interesting as actually hearing them talk interesting things. But some poeple here starting to fantasize about more material being in the can, I think that is a bit silly.
  12. Thanks! I thought you live in America! It's 8.4. in Slovenia, let's just trow the dates around and celebrate 40 years of first Knebworth today! Quite a good way to forget about all sorts of pain and noises or whatever!
  13. This is my song You gave me your hand, which is one of the songs from my album, which I already posted on the forum, but this one is actually done with a producer, so it doesn't have the weird and rather chaotic arrangement I made before and I think the vocals are also my best ever. I'll be happy if you listen and comment. Arguments and insults are not part of this topic of course. Enjoy the music!
  14. 1970. I think Robert's voice sounded the best that year, just better and not as extreme as 1971 and they started to experiment more which is basicaly the start of all their album experimentation and their shows got expanded and more varied and experimental too and they got their first own sound system which is important. And ofcourse Led Zeppelin III is from that year, which is my favourite album.
  15. You certainly do that just by listening to existing music in detail and aplying that, but you have to bring new things into music in all sorts of ways.
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