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  1. Thanks. It's a comon fact basicaly. And I wasn't really following the topic, not that interested in this one, I just checked the last post and responded, so I didn't see the photos at first.
  2. Poor Weena, if only she could somehow turn him vegetarian.
  3. Well you certainly made a nice link to some nice guitars there, but you probably just wanted to add a picture of Page playing guitar, although this guys memory must be a bit hazy, as far as I know, Page didn't have his guitar particulary low in 1969 at all.
  4. This theory is probably about that Page had a lot of sex, while some had almost none. Ah those were such days for so many and somehow Lori says he was sweet. And being in love of course is a wonderful thing, but you know, Page can't be perfect, he's been seriously committed to a 30 year old for years now!
  5. You are trying to convince others into your belief. Beliefs are not facts or opinions and are quite often supported by poor arguments and though disorganisation, which makes it difficult to understand from a logical view and useless for anything practical. The only other use of such term would be moral beliefs, but these are basically a bit different opinions on moral issues. So what are you going to do with your belief? Find a friend who also believes it? Friendship is not based on that! Start a religious group? It might be the right topic. I think it's a mistake for Jimmy to be interested in Crowley. But Jimmy was reading all sorts of stuff to find his own way and he did lots of concrete fantastic things, while Crowley was basically trying to be cool by trying to look evil and saying he can do anything he wants.
  6. Yes but you are presenting it as a fact, worse, you are presenting a possibility as a fact. What is the point?
  7. It's a possibility, but you are displaying thoughts in a bit of a delusional way, as if you believe that you actually know something, which makes you sort of above others, but you don't back it with data or a well established argument and I don't think it's a communication issue, sorry. Just trying to help, I studied all sorts of human problems, to eventually realised what my own were and could help myself. Not to mention that especially the 'high class' of the society and 'the low class' would benefit particulary from personal growth and not just blaming each other, while the poor don't even have enough for basic needs and some travelling and cultural participation, if they are on a minimal wage. But this is a different and complex topic and it can quickly turn into psychotherapy and I'm not proffesionaly qualified, neither do I have time.
  8. I can not be completely sure whats wrong with you, I don't know you, but if you want to convince us there is something speciffically different about you, you have to be avare, you don't have to know the whole 9'th symphony in your mind for that or even a whole live Stairway solo. I don't know any such person that can do that, but the thing is you are perhaps trying to fool us anyway.
  9. As long as he doesn't take his wife. And sorry for the writing style in my sentence. Atlaest I wasn't monologuing. I'm certainly realising that small talk exists and it's not neccesarily a thing I couldn't understand. Sorry.
  10. Yes, very painful experience in that scene, best hopes diminished into minor expectations, that will carry on into a flame of new hope.
  11. Really good article about very recent research: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/12/rhythm-might-be-hardwired-humans Still troubadours in middle ages didn't use it that much, didn't know that until recently, it's not in the article though.
  12. And it's also very hard to visually verify it especially for No quarter and Dazed and Celebration day aswell, but there is no need for that, I've been listening to Mobile solos since high school and they are noticeably different. Just relax man and always be sure what you are trying to say and why exactly and since you are talking about a very concrete, objective thing, how about patching together some long enough sections one after another, so we can hear this are the same parts. I'm sure we can accept it, if you communicate it to us.
  13. The solos are similar in some parts yeah, but not completely as others have said and especially No quarter has a very distinct sound not just on keyboards and quite different and less developed phrasing and a substantially different sound on guitar, which probably couldn't be changed enough in the studio, especially for the 1976 release. Such debates probably arise from all the patching on TSRTS and also Plant's vocal problems that year, which for some time for some people also perhaps indicated, that some members of Zeppelin had trouble playing their own music techically even in the early years, which is not true, although they were not that technical, it was more about feel in some ways.
  14. SamoKodela

    The pub

    Hi! May I sit down? We have a Union brand beer in Slovenia, but we pronunce it differently and the word means nothing in Slovene, so quite a revelation from you. Cheers.
  15. Album Nekega jutra ko se zdani(Some morning at dawn) by Slovenian singer songwriter Vlado Kreslin. I listen to this album everday, sometimes several times a day. Beautiful, rather melancholic folk rock, with major chord melodies in choruses, strings, mandolin and pipe orchestras, beautiful piano solos, accordions and the songs are really good. Songs are Nekega jutra ko se zdani; Obrni, obrni; Joužek; Čuden si bil že kot otrok; Letos bo huda jesen; Vrane; Samo ti in Muzikanti if anybody wants to check on youtube. The lyrics are all in Slovene. First song Nekega jutra ko se zdani:
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