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  1. Well to be honest, so am I! Especially if it's studio footage, but live performaces were ofcourse so varied and visually spectacular I would certainly like to see more of that too in pro quality, I just think there just isn't much available and I don't think they will use low quality footage for a top documentary like this. Still they might surprise us with a few good clips, perhaps studio clips and photos, some of it from pre Zep era. I just honestly don't think that if anything would be left, that it wouldn't be released already considering how high regarded the band is now and I think the problem is that in the 70's bands didn't record them that much or atleast not Led Zeppelin, it came along latter in the 80's and 90's. I think the O2 is very important in terms of having a really good show recorded in a good way although the editing is weird, constant shifting of cameras. Maybe we will get more of that, doesn't exactly fit the 68-70 era though.
  2. I think it will be quite a detailed documentary about their maturation as musicians, about their musical influences and about the first two albums. No unseen old footage or stories about excess are nedeed in such a musical documentary, so being about all the albums would be good though.
  3. Great news, but I really don't understand why some of you are so interested in seeing unreleased clips, that's not really a point of a musical documentary, it's about bringing new insights into the music and musicians that created it. We have seen pretty much all the footage and most importantly heard all the bootlegs, so I would much preffer them talking about their musical heroes and how they got together and about the first two albums(even of I would like to hear them talk about all of them like in the MTV Rockumentary but more in detail). I still wouldn't mind some new footage from the studio sessions but even that is not as interesting as actually hearing them talk interesting things. But some poeple here starting to fantasize about more material being in the can, I think that is a bit silly.
  4. Thanks! I thought you live in America! It's 8.4. in Slovenia, let's just trow the dates around and celebrate 40 years of first Knebworth today! Quite a good way to forget about all sorts of pain and noises or whatever!
  5. This is my song You gave me your hand, which is one of the songs from my album, which I already posted on the forum, but this one is actually done with a producer, so it doesn't have the weird and rather chaotic arrangement I made before and I think the vocals are also my best ever. I'll be happy if you listen and comment. Arguments and insults are not part of this topic of course. Enjoy the music!
  6. 1970. I think Robert's voice sounded the best that year, just better and not as extreme as 1971 and they started to experiment more which is basicaly the start of all their album experimentation and their shows got expanded and more varied and experimental too and they got their first own sound system which is important. And ofcourse Led Zeppelin III is from that year, which is my favourite album.
  7. You certainly do that just by listening to existing music in detail and aplying that, but you have to bring new things into music in all sorts of ways.
  8. Plant said exactly that in 1990 MTV rockumentary about Led Zeppelin III. He said people commented 'why kill a perfectly good career' and he said 'you make moves, musical twists and turns, to satisfy yourself, that's what has to come first'. So I guess it's both telling the listener what to listen to and satisfying yourself, while thinking enough what the listener wants too.
  9. Both posts are great, thanks. The first one is really well written, poetic essay and well the second one, yeah, I'm still waiting for an epic movie with a car driving down the desert with Kashmir in it or maybe Moses spreading the sea!
  10. Yeah he truly got it down to every move, not to mention tour! But with such an original guitarists and author as Page is sure there are going to be naysayers, even when someone is that good, plus I'm quite sure he can't be that good if he isn't sober and clean hehe, while Page still could be
  11. The topic really wasn't meant to change anything, it's all been told and retold and discovered already and Zeppelin are a heck of an original band! Not much to add after Led Zeppelin II at all, but it's similar with Roberta Flack and song Gone away compared to main riff of The Rain song: sounds similar right in the intro but totally different note combination and also an additional note. You can check that very quickly on a keyboard. And in Vertigo you have a descending and also A BIT of an ascending melody, but only the descending one is quite similar with additional notes, and they you got several more riffs in Kashmir, the main one, the one over it, the one after the main theme, the symphonic part and the final riff, plus the lyrics and vocal melody. What an epic! Nothing mayor to report here, only that Bernard Hermann died in 1975, probably of pride and delight when he heard Kashmir and that little bit of it too huh heh!
  12. Ok no problem, I'm just glad you took it nicely, I tried to write it as a fan in the kindest way possible. It reminds me me of both the main descending and the ascending riff that starts Kashmir. I wonder what others will say. Because understand that whatever they say, they will just say they find it more or less similar, nothing else, it can't be anything else.
  13. I've always defended Zeppelin, for most of their plagiarism being limited to first two albums and even there they added so much of their own, while latter on they had so many original compositions, but there was always that element that ofcourse doesn't make them plagiarist or just a band with a new sound or great producers, it's just that there were little bits and pieces of lyrics or music taken from others or that there was music that directly inspired them to write their own. It's always like that in music, so I'm not trying to make anyone feel disappointed, although I might be a bit every time I discover something like this, because I guess we are all more impressed if something is like totally out of the blue, but I guess it almost was to late for that in Zeppelin's time, centuries of great music have already been happening, although The Beatles have certainly been noted a lot less for being inspired by others in their vocal melodies. But overall Zeppelin's song were so original and when you add Plant's melodies and lyrics on top, it's all just great and he was rarely accused for taking others melodies or lyrics apart from the obvious ones, even if perhaps those melodies were sometimes not that catchy because it's not pop! Anyway here is a scene from Hitchcocks movie Vertigo and the music after 1:10 written by Bernard Herrmann might just have inspired parts of Kashmir:
  14. Yeah, it would add some 'balance' but it wouldn't change things that much and I think even with Hey, hey things wouldn't be that different and it's cool that Zeppelin spiced things up with things like Hats. I things they just always loved acoustic music and they tested the ground with III a litttle bit, but after they saw with both II and IV and even with I what people liked the most, they still released Houses and Presence and some exotic Graffiti stuff! Amazing!
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