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  1. SamoKodela

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I read that post again and I realised Tyler was talking about the new material Page had. Now that is a bit different, but it's still strange Tyler would complain if you think Aerosmith doesn't have much going on instrumentally in their hits. Oh well I guess my first comment isn't that off as there might be a lack of hooks in the old Zep material when compared to Aerosmith, but Zeppelin just did it differently many times.
  2. SamoKodela

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I think the setlist was well chosen as it included all the essential songs and I wouldn't want to see any of those left out, even the ones that were never played before were picked well and if they would be replaced I would only want them to be replaced by other never before played songs maybe. All the other songs could only be added to the setlist that was played and that would probably make the concert too long atleast for Robert and others would want to do it probably, but maybe wouldn't have the stamina. As far as the Aerosmith comment goes, it's a bit of an insult to Page. I know a lot of fans don't want to hear that, but Led Zeppelin did have a lot of pop elements to their music, otherwise they wouldn't be that successful, but they were also experimental, artsy and very creative and exoticaly original, while Aerosmith overall are very pop, but especially in the vocal melody and Tyler was probably referring to that. Now either he doesn't understand Zeppelin's magic comes from many angles or he was just being a bit of an asshole towards Plant's melodies.
  3. SamoKodela


    The rain falling on the book a bit, like he doesn't care that much for such visual memories, so that can hold the umbrella for someone who is not there? John Bonham I guess. That is just some weird thinking by me, but if that is the case I fully support it and especially Robert's gesture. It's about living in the present, that what he is always about.
  4. SamoKodela

    Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple

    The amount of songs, where the lift is very direct and obvious is very small, far, far less then some youtube videos are trying to suggest and I think only such song count and beyond Zep II, there are almost no such songs! Things like Communication breakdown and How many more times don' t come in question. Riffs in CB and HMMT are Jimmy's and melodies are original, so are the lyrics, especially in CB. There are many similar examples. So I think it is a small amount because only things like Dazed and confused and Whole lotta love count, despite the original things added. You can't count things like intro to Rock and roll or The Lemon song or Bring it on home even, they could have left the intro/outro out. But there are certainly lots of little bits and pieces and lyrics verses in many songs, that are integrated into the whole original picture.
  5. SamoKodela

    Still the greatest rock band!

    I think they existed in the golden era for such music of album oriented complex rock and they had enough of guitar and also vocal hooks although mostly not in a pop way, radios played whole albums those days and Zeppelin played fantastic shows that just grew and grew. Zeppelin are still very popular, but a Zeppelin fan that is totally immersed in it, might be a bit in the mist how that actually manifests in the real world. It's much more dispersed these days, there is tons of music, especially bad, corny, cheap selling music and in many countries and towns you would have to look really hard to find people who love such music especially very deeply, but put them all together and ask the right poeple for a right magazine or radio station and Zeppelin is still many times right on top yeah!
  6. SamoKodela

    What's the weather like where you are?

    It's like music!
  7. SamoKodela

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    It wasn't really Led Zeppelin, not for Robert Plant, not for many, it was a one off show for Ahmet Ertegun, done with the only acceptable replacement of John Bonham, for Robert to atleast call it Led Zeppelin for one night. Add all the bad memories, the fact that his voice changed, the pressure of keeping the quality every night and all the tragedies that happened and it's even more clear why Robert wanted to continue his very successful solo carrer, which he would most likely have without Led Zeppelin, on a smaller scale. It also shows his class and that he is not a cheap money grabber.
  8. SamoKodela

    Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple

    Well it can be very loud and powerful. I understand someone doesn't like it, but I always thought Zepppelin showed any instrument could be a rock instrument.
  9. SamoKodela

    Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple

    Just because Blackmore is technically better, it doesn't make him a better player. For some yes, for some no, he certainly never touches me with his solos the way Page so diversely does and I never percepted Page and Plant as weak spots in the early days, just not so technically polished and because I like that, post 72 for vocals and post 75 for guitar never sounded particulary bad to me either. So I guess if you are more into exotic diversity of complex, layered compositions without technical perfection then Zeppelin is for you. And Zeppelin jams are also much more composed, they changed the composition quite a bit every night, but they mostly expanded it and kept building a composition within the solo itself, while keeping it an integral part of an excellent song.
  10. SamoKodela

    Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple

    When comparing live albums, you should compare How the west was won and Made in Japan, if there is any point in comparing anyway, or compare Zeppelin's jams in Europe 1973, or even most of the early tours. Zeppelin are at least equal live, in my opinion better. And I only know four albums from the most classic Deep purple line up, but these are the kind of songs they pretty much wrote all the time, while Zeppelin wrote all sorts of complex compositions like The rain song, Ten years gone, Achilles last stand, Kashmir all sorts of acoustic songs and so on and Deep purple themselves said, that their sound is based almost entirely on early Zeppelin, they just expanded the jams in their own style a bit. And even if Zeppelin did borrow a SMALL amount of music, they made it very original, while Deep purple were heavily based on Zeppelin and even something extraordinary like Child in time has the intro copied note for note exactly from a song called It's a beautiful day by Bombay calling. Don't get me wrong, Deep purple are a great band, great virtuosos, very clean in technique, great keyboards with an original idea to make them very loud and a great singer.
  11. SamoKodela

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Still waiting for spring after huge amounts of snow and quite some wind and very low temperatures, but mostly having quite a good time lately, having a nice warm home.
  12. SamoKodela

    How about an acoustic reunion?

  13. SamoKodela

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    The whole concept of a social event can be a wonderful experience but you can only get what you can. Why tear the idea out so far? Yeah Page Plant acoustic yeah, that's because the way Plant is doing music today, he would prefer doing songs where Page would at least mostly play acoustic. But Led Zeppelin? It's just over. It's like people always complaining why didn't the Beethoven himself come around and direct a symphony. I can see a lot of you are definitely talking about playing all their material with no drums and acoustic which is even more off. Although maybe one or two songs at a press conference for 50'th anniversary, but do you want it the way Plant sings it now? I like it. Don't like the whole idea much. Zep were very creative and unique, don't you get it? And yeah quite a few others can in their way play it and create great music of their own, but Zep had a unique approach that at least one band member wants to protect and understands the technical spectacularity that was once there and he goes beyond his own way. You got other great music for social events, but don't just get drunk like on a too much one type sound heavy concert.
  14. SamoKodela

    Companion discs are rubbish

    I think the companion discs bring all sorts of details, listen carefully!
  15. I sure hope for more and warmer bass and heavier drum sound. A bit more Graffiti and Presence in there and of course mostly more of the sound of the tour itself, shouldn't get to far away from what it was.
  16. SamoKodela

    Los Angeles Photos - Zep and Others

    I think they are really good, he really captured the joy of this great band in action!
  17. SamoKodela

    Marijuana legalization

    Yeah, yeah, my rather big, stupid nobody's mouth again. I don't think substances that have no purpose for persons functioning are any good. Some goes for many medications . Unless you truly have something very serious(take very good care who you consult) don't take it, unfortunately it's poison in many ways, the side effects, it's a relief to know they haven't hurt you much at all. A quite happy feeling yeah. Live a healthy, happy life in good connection with other humans.
  18. SamoKodela

    Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    Zeppelin could be for lots of occasions, but satisfying your need to listen to music with other people, should be done the right way.
  19. SamoKodela

    Talked to Audrey Hamilton today......

    I just mentioned hereditary and financial reasons as strong, sometimes too strong motivators. Not too say money isn't important, it's just hard to get when you can't communicate your ideas and can't sell anything to anybody. I was trying to say that a good relationship should be the main reason and things mentioned above in this post are motivators that should not be too strong, other I mentioned above mostly work against it, while a natural tendeny might be staying together a few years until society and culture started to develope deeper reasons.
  20. SamoKodela

    Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    I think no matter what, rock stars did hurt other people just like everybody whether they did it more or less I don't know, but success certainly enabled them that.
  21. SamoKodela

    Cinematic Blunders: The Song Remains The Same

    I'm talking about October 1972, but there has already been a long discussion about it in other topic.
  22. SamoKodela

    Cinematic Blunders: The Song Remains The Same

    Most of the instrumental sections are from one night only, it was mostly for the vocals. Now once you got to 1977..... There is something rather stupid in not taking a long break imidiately after you start to have voice problems, but it's still not quite as stupid as many times not listening to other instruments when you are recording some instrument. Now who could that be? Not Led Zeppelin for sure!
  23. SamoKodela

    Cinematic Blunders: The Song Remains The Same

    The mix was really bad at first, which made it sound weird and the fantasy sequences were alright for me at first, then I started to perceive them as amateurish and B type movie thing, now I really like them, they are more about the message then the quality of execution. And Bonzo and Jonesy really get on a few times, Page is great and who says the singer has to sing that high right ta the beginning. It's good.
  24. SamoKodela

    Talked to Audrey Hamilton today......

    I think it was hard for people to figure it out, when contraception and medications against sexual diseases came around and women started to have jobs and the whole idea of single parent being able to raise the child came around. Led Zeppelin were well functioning at the start, it's unbelievable that Jimmy Page was a full scale genius visionare for the whole band at 24, even if I don't like him using terms like superstars, amazing and great too much and that he knew exactly what to do to be heard, but I guess he had to be like that to do things right. So they took those girls and I heard most of the time they were nice to them. These days it's back to sharing your life with someone and getting attached to one person, which I guess was always part of the human spirit(maybe being together for the whole life is a bit too society influenced for hereditary reasons, maybe Jones knows, hope not heh) and couple helping each other more. And I guess there is no time for more then one person really!
  25. SamoKodela


    It's good! Well done! I just don't even remotely understand what's unique about it.